November Letters



Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to our many friends and neighbours in Wenvoe for their tremendous support following the passing of my husband, Gordon Jones, on September 18, at the age of 86. Your cards, flowers, and messages of support have been a source of great comfort, as well as a testament to how well-respected Gordon was within the village.

I would like to extend a special thank you to The Reverend Lyndon Hutchison-Hounsell for conducting the lovely funeral service at St. Mary’s Parish Church on October 10, and to all those who were able to attend and join in the wonderful singing. Your presence meant a lot to us.

I’m please to say that the collection held at the service raised £1000 for the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI), which was a cause close to Gordon’s heart.

With sincere thanks,

Elizabeth Jones



We are looking for a couple of players to boost our team, we have five players already from Wenvoe.

We play from Ely Cons on a Friday night and away games any night. We car share where possible. This team has been going since the 60’s.

If interested please ring Bernard on 07960135606

February Letters




Dear Community Council,

Upon reading January’s CC News, your article
mentioned the brief update regarding the planned
scheme for a Solar Farm at Parc Worlton. (name
spelt incorrectly by CC).

This is just an observation but having lived in
this area for over 40 years I can say that I didn’t
know and wouldn’t have known its location from
your news update. I appreciate this is not the first
mention; however, as articles/meetings can be
missed clarity on location should be paramount.
There are concerns that many residents will
overlook the scale and size of such a proposal
because they are not aware of where it is to be
positioned eg in a Special Landscape Area right on
their doorstep. Parc Worlton is a historic name
which is being used as a development name and
does not reflect that it is in Dyffryn and is far
reaching towards Barry. Not only that but when
cumulatively added to other proposed Solar Farms it
covers more than 700 acres of used farmland
between St. Nicholas, Dyffryn & Barry and will
totally change the landscape for the next 40 years.
Whilst I accept the CC may wish to remain
neutral on this subject I would like to think that they
have a duty to the community to be as informative as
they can about projects of this scale, size and
location. If topics such as this cannot be
communicated through your platform do you have
any suggestions where it can?

You are more than welcome to circulate or print
these observations.

Kind regards,


(For information here is a plan of the proposed development

and further information can be found here:-

Parc Worlton Solar Farm, Dyffryn (

December Letters




Many thanks to everyone who supported the Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research. This took place in Cardiff on 7th October, when people met at Cardiff Castle to begin the 10k charity walk.

Rhian, Linda, Shirley, Kath, friends and family completed the walk in memory of Melissa Davis. A coffee morning was also held with family, friends and neighbours. This all helped to raise a total of £3,120 which is amazing.

Also thank you to all of Melissa’s friends and colleagues at RWP’s Bridgend centre who supported her throughout her illness and her family afterwards. Another thank you to all of Mark’s friends and colleagues at his firm, Brakes Ltd Bridgend, who helped Mark and Rhian throughout, and still support them. Both companies have been amazing. Thank you all for doing so much, it is all appreciated and thank you once again.

Marilyn, Terry Ankin and Family,

Tarrws Close




Julie, David, Lauren and children would like to thank everybody who attended Mike’s funeral. The support from friends and neighbours meant so much at this very difficult time. All the wonderful flowers and cards showed how much Mike was respected.

Many thanks,

Julie Lawrence



November Letters


I would like to thank all who came to the funeral service of June. The support was magnificent and much appreciated at this time of my loss of June. My thanks to the vicar who took the service and to the church members who organised the details of the church and decorations etc. Everyone without exception agreed that the ceremony was full of love. June, a local girl was truly very well thought of by the village and beyond. So again many thanks to the Villers, friends and family support.

Roger Davis





I was slightly amused to see the letters of outrage by those who objected to the article by Andrew Davies MS in the September edition of WWO. Some years ago, I was helping the WWO team by supplying front-cover articles and I asked our local Member of the Senedd – Jane Hutt to write for us. I must confess to being a Conservative ( a little tricky sitting here the day after the Chancellor was sacked and Liz Truss under great pressure!) but I felt that it was appropriate to have our local Assembly / Senedd representative have her say. The fact that Jane is a Labour party member did not matter. There were some who objected at that time. So, in the end, it could be said that we are square with both parties having had space in our splendid magazine.

Alun Davies DL




September Letters


Ref: Andrew RT Davies article

I am writing further to letters in the last issue of the What’s On with regards to the article by Andrew RT Davies.

Firstly, I would like to apologise if this caused offence.

The idea was to get a view from the Senedd with regards to local issues, the title of the article should have been A View from the Senedd. Andrew’s office have apologised for both the topic written about and the title of the article.

This was never meant to be a party political article.

I asked the What’s On editors to include a view from both the Senedd and Westminster. I thought it would be of interest to the community.

In the 28 years I have lived here, to my knowledge no other party has ever made any effort to include anything in the What’s On.

Yes, I am a member of the Conservative Party, but as local ward Councillor, I am committed to representing all members of the community whatever their political views are.

My one and only objective is to represent the community I live in to the best of my ability and ensure we have the best facilities possible.

I hope this clarifies matters for all concerned.

Your sincerely

Cllr Russell Godfrey


We would like to thank fellow dog walkers and neighbours who have asked after Andy through his recent illness. He passed away peacefully at home last month surrounded by family. Our family have been supported throughout by City Hospice and Marie Curie staff – all of which were superb.

Sue, Rufus, and family – Greave Close


All the family of the late Melissa Jayne Davis, nee Ankin, would like to pay a huge thank you for all the wonderful support given to Melissa before and after she passed away on 7th July aged 46. Melissa fought bone cancer very bravely and remained at her home with all her family. Melissa was born in Wenvoe and lived here until she married Mark, then lived in Barry with Rhian, their fourteen year old daughter. Rhian is now going to do the Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research on 7th October in Cardiff with Linda, Shirley, friends and school mates in memory of Melissa who was well loved and is truly missed by everyone. So many happy memories to never be forgotten. With heartfelt thanks for everyone’s support.

Marilyn and Terry Ankin and all the family


August Letters


My last Sunday School

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the children and Parents of Pebbles and the congregation of St. Mary’s for all the good wishes, cards and presents I received after my last Sunday School. It’s been a privilege to work with such wonderful children and their very supportive parents. I look back over the past 12 years with a huge smile on my face as I remember all the fun times we had, especially on Mothering Sunday and Christmas time. Who’d have thought the Incredible Hulk and Bat Man could be part of the Nativity! So, thank you again for being part of those memories which I shall always treasure.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our neighbours in the village for their kindness, moral support and practical help during Judy’s long illness and since her death on July 5th.

Keith Bryant

Kind Regards, Alison x


Here are some items of interest which appeared on the Wenvoe Community Facebook page.

Graffiti appeared on the footbridge the night of the 5th of August.

Many houses in the Redrow estate reported images of a cyclist trying car doors at 6:30 am on the 6th of August.

On the 16th August the Wenvoe Arms had cooking oil stolen from their backyard.

All these incidents have been reported to the police and some with photographic evidence and positive outcomes.

We all need to be aware of anti-social and potentially criminal incidents. Report to the police and also let Wenvoe residents know via Neighbourhood Watch and our Facebook page. We are all stronger as a strong community!

Thank you NHW


I think that What’s On should be politics free. Allowing a column by Andrew R T Davies is unacceptable unless you have balancing contributions from Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid and the Greens.



I would like to question the scope of our Wenvoe What’s On. As I understand it this is a local magazine for current (and former) residents of our community which, crucially, I believed was politically independent.

I was dismayed to see the Conservative party-political article written by Andrew RT Davies, in the August edition. If the magazine wishes to stray into politics it needs to be fair and equitable and I would also expect to see articles penned by the Welsh Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, Green Party etc. As the elected member of the Senedd for Vale of Glamorgan, can we expect an article from Welsh Labour’s Jane Hutt?

Waiting times in the NHS are clearly of concern; a strong, well funded and supported NHS should be the backbone of our society.

However, in my opinion, Andrew RT Davies’ article was biased and misleading and an attempt to score political points against the current Welsh Labour Senedd administration. Perhaps the Right Honourable Mr Davies, would also like to comment on the state of the English NHS where responsibility lies with the UK’s Conservative Government?

Please may I ask,in what capacity is Andrew RT Davies writing in our local magazine and as it is entitled a column, is it envisaged this will be a regular feature of future What’s Ons?

Whatever your political persuasion (or non), balance and objectivity is key to a thriving democracy.



You’ve probably received other messages about the inclusion of a column written by Andrew RT Davies, in the latest What’s On.

I have enjoyed many years of reading this magazine and one of the nice things about it is the absence of political themes.

If this column is to become a regular feature then surely you must find Labour, Plaid, LibDems, and Green Party members to make contributions too?

Or is the magazine going to become politicised just for the Conservative voters?

Denise Miles


I have always enjoyed receiving and reading Wenvoe Whats On and have appreciated the hard work that goes into producing the magazine every month. In that context I wonder if you can tell me if the Wenvoe Whats On non political and non religious policy has changed. I was very surprised to see an article from Andrew R T Davies in this months issue. It was called his column (without saying who he is) suggesting this was going to be a regular feature. The facts are that we have a labour led Senedd, a labour led Vale of Glamorgan council and a labour led AM for our area. Of course we have a local Conservative councillor. So if your policy has changed then there surely needs to be a political balance in the Whats On content.

I would prefer Whats On to remain non political as it has been for the 20 years we have lived in Wenvoe. If that’s not now the case I do think there needs to be an explanation in next month’s Whats On.

I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work.



June Letters



Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

On behalf of Wenvoe Community Council, I would like to thank the organising committee for putting on such a wonderful event.

In particular I would like to thank Mrs Glenys Tucker and Cllr Rhian Sexton who were on the organising committee from the start. I would also like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who helped with the Beacon lighting / Toposcope and made the Saturday afternoon tea such a success. The cakes were delicious and the exhibition of memorabilia was fantastic.

Thank you all again

Cllr Janet Williams. Chair



I should like to thank everyone who was involved in organising the excellent Platinum Jubilee events which took place in Wenvoe. From the bunting decorations in the streets to the beautiful flowers, the memorable lighting of the beacon and the moving display of memorabilia in the Community Centre.

Many people contributed to this success but none more than Mike and Glenys Tucker. There was such a positive feeling of friendship and community throughout the village. Long may its legacy remain.

Carol (Wyllie)




May Letters


Gordon ‘Mac’ MacPherson R.I.P.

Sue would like to thank all the wonderful neighbours and friends for their amazing support, cards, flowers, and donations not only after Macs sad passing but also over the last four years which has helped make our lives more bearable. Mac loved Wenvoe and would have been so pleased to see that so many people attended his farewell from the house and at the Crematorium. He will be missed by so many and has left a big hole in my life.

A big thank you for all the donations which has now topped £800 and will be split between the Stroke Rehab Unit at Llandough, The Stroke Association and Cancer Research. God Bless you all

Sue MacPherson




In loving memory of Joan Kingston

3rd March 2022

Harry would like to thank family, friends and neighbours for their kind messages and sympathy cards after the unexpected and sudden death of Joan in the Health Hospital on the 3rd March.

Many will know her from Cambrian Residential Park, as Joan was a point of contact for many years, selling on behalf of the Wenvoe Scouts the Christmas stamps. A project she enjoyed participating in as she was an Akela many years ago.

Thank you for the sympathy and support shown to me and family during our sad loss.

Harry Kingston



February Letters



Graham Davies R I P

Pat and family would like to thank everyone for the kind messages sent to us after the death of Graham at home on 3 January 2022. We have been overwhelmed by all the flowers, cards, letters of sympathy and support that we as a family have received.

Pat Davies.

Ann, Darren, Claire & children would like to thank friends & neighbours for all cards, flowers and offers of help during their resent sad and sudden loss of Philip. Thank you all and God bless.

Ann Dwyer

Carbon Monoxide (The Silent Killer).

I write this letter with regards to the potential hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning due to defective appliances. I write out of genuine concern for people’s safety.

It’s that time of year when central heating boilers have been adjusted from providing twice a day hot water to providing all day heating thus having to work a lot harder. If there is a fault the winter months will find it but also, as my wife and I experienced, any faults can lead to more serious issues such as a build up of potentially lethal levels of CARBON MONOXIDE. You have seen the adverts for the ‘silent killer’ but when we were suffering all sorts of symptoms we did not put two and two together. Our boiler had been a stalwart for over 20yrs and reliable so ‘ why change it’. Despite the symptoms which didn’t exactly match the normal ie we had, tingling skin, redness of complexion; apart from not being able to get up in the mornings, and a long career in the fire service we just didn’t twig it, until, on starting to put the heating on all day at this time of year the penny finally dropped as one evening we both felt awful and I finally ‘twigged it’.

What an idiot. The rest is history, shut off boiler, got emergency gas out etc. My wife and I visited our Doctors for blood tests and both had levels of CO equivalent to a cigarette smoker but neither of us had ever smoked. So it appeared that our symptoms were a very slow poisoning process which went over months until the boiler’s weakness was finally exposed, (incidentally we had a CO alarm which was testing OK but we can only assume the levels through summer months with daily ventilation etc did not trigger the lower limit sensitivity of the device, although it was an old detector).

We changed boiler of course and now have an ANNUAL GAS SAFETY CHECK (approx. cost £50 to £100) depending on Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer, but it is worth every penny to protect yourself and loved ones. Of course it is not just old boilers that go wrong so as a matter of course have your boiler checked annually.

And install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm or Alarms in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions.

The principle of course applies to the checking of all fuel burning boilers / heaters etc. but the message is the same and is simple – Annual Gas Safety Check of Appliances and an appropriate provision of Carbon Monoxide Detectors for your property.

Of course an annual gas safety check doesn’t prevent subsequent leaks but combined with a suitable provision of Carbon Monoxide Detector it is very obvious that this protection improves the odds in favour of you and your loved ones.

When installing new appliances always use the relevant Gas Safe or Oftec Registered engineers to ensure the appliance’s safety from the outset.

Just to add some footnotes to this don’t forget that if you, or anybody you know, live in rented accommodation your Landlord has a legal duty to organise a competent engineer to carry out an annual safety check of any gas boiler in the premises.

You may also wish to check that any self-catering accommodation that you book for holiday breaks eg the very popular ‘air B& B’s’ have had appropriate safety checks carried out to relevant appliances.

St Lythans resident



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