January Walk Programme





Walkers meet at the front of the Wenvoe Community Centre. If you are interested in a walk, just turn up. When transport is required we car share. Contacts for this month’s walks are: Bert-20594418, Mike 01446 742269, V’Iain 20593221 and Ian-20594573


SUNDAY 1STH JANUARY – Cosmeston.    

See the New Year in with a walk from Cosmeston and return along the coast.    Bert (151)




SATURDAY 7TH JANUARY – Around Font-y-Gary & Roose.    

7¼ miles.   V’Iain (151)




SATURDAY 14TH JANUARY – Uskmouth Nature Reserve   and marsh land.

A 7½ mile flat walk.   Ian (152)




THURSDAY 19TH JANUARY – Hailey Park.  

A circular walk from Hailey Park, Cardiff.    Bert (151)




SATURDAY 21ST JANUARY – Black Cock and Nantgarw.    

About 7½ miles.    V’Iain (151 &166)




SATURDAY 28TH JANUARY – Parc Slip.    

A 7½ mile walk based around the nature reserve north of Bridgend.   Ian (151)







December Letters to the Editor



2016 Christmas Fair

Ipen-purple would like, through your page, to thank everyone who attended the Christmas Craft Fair on 27 th November in the Village Hall which was organised by Maria (Style A'Head hair salon owner) and myself. We had an amazing response, both from visitors and crafters and were so glad that it was such a success and so well attended by the village and beyond.

I would like to extend my enormous gratitude to my husband, family and friends for all of their help in setting up and helping the day go smoothly. There really would not have been a fair without them. Special thanks also go to Paul, Sue and Paige who served the refreshments so efficiently and enthusiastically. Thanks go too to the members of the Village Hall Committee who decorated the hall so beautifully which made it look really festive when all 30 tables were in place and groaning with crafts.

There will be two more Wenvoe Craft fairs in the village in 2017 organised by myself and my husband Mike – the first will be in May and the second will be another Christmas fair in Late November. Watch out for more information in the What's On in 2017.


Glenys Tucker,

Grange Avenue




Tai Chi





tai-chi-02In Wenvoe we practise Tai Chi Yang style, a form with 3 parts – which I correlate to childhood, adulthood and mature adulthood. When you start you learn the 1st part and build up confidence before moving on to the later stages.tai-chi-01

Tai Chi is excellent for stress relief and teaches us to move from our centre, with slow flowing movements which encourage us to use a wide range of muscles in a relaxed way.

A number of people have asked me when the next Tai Chi beginners’ class is happening. I plan to start one in mid-February 2017 on a Wednesday evening at about 5.30pm. I keep beginners in their own class so that we can progress as a group. This is likely to be the last beginner’s course I take in Wenvoe as I plan to retire once it is complete after more than 20 years of teaching.

If you would like to join us please contact me – Annie on 02920 593570.







Latest Walks Reports



St Brides Major


We started at St Brides Major and walked north-west across Beacons Down on a bright Sunday morning. As we approached the river Ogmore we could see a long line of runners coming towards us and then sharing our route. In places it was pretty muddy underfoot following Saturday’s rain and we didn’t envy them having to run through it.

They were participating in the Merthyr Mawr Christmas Pudding race, which is a challenging multi-terrain six mile race. The pudding race was started in 1990 by Bridgend AC who organised the race for 10 years, handing over to the Brackla Harriers club in 2000. The original race took in the stepping stones by Ogmore castle, a route abandoned after heavy rain submerged the stones in year 2!

Many runners were in festive costumes and we left them to enjoy mince pies and mulled wine at their half way point as we turned south along the river. They crossed the river back towards Merthyr Mawr and their second ascent of the highest dune in Europe, known as ‘The Big Dipper‘. The sun sparkled on birds in the river and looking east we could see walkers and horse riders with the runners behind them. From here we followed the coast towards Southerndown before heading inland through some woodland and arriving at the Heritage centre. Now we took a slight diversion down to the coast to enjoy our very welcome lunch, with the luxury of picnic tables. Then north-east towards Pitcot, where opposite Pitcot pool we were surprised to find the Farmers Arms closed. From here it was a short walk along the road to where we had parked in St Brides Major. A walk of 7 miles and 500ft.




Merthyr Mawr, Newton and Candleston


The car park at Candleston, Merthyr Mawr was the starting point for our walk and we headed west across the dunes towards the beach at Newton. Initially we climbed a steep dune and then undulated through the sandy paths admiring the seed heads of the many wild flowers standing tall around us.

Merthyr Mawr is the highest dune system in Wales. Sand has settled on top of an ancient limestone cliff creating a special habitat for insects, fungi and plants. Springs arise from the bottom of the cliff giving rise to pools and temporary streams. Flints from the Stone Age, burial mounds and pottery from the Bronze Age, hearths from the Iron Age and Roman tiles discovered here have resulted in much of the Warren being scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

It was a misty morning and we could just make out the banks of the river Ogmore and the sea in the distance, where we had walked last weekend. As the dunes led us to the sea, the last stretch of our walk west was on the beach where there were quite a few people, mostly walking their dogs. Unfortunately it was too early for lunch so before reaching the road at Newton we headed inland and then generally east following a path through woodland. We passed the scout camp at Wigfach and an interesting building near it, built in art deco style. Many different fungi were spotted on the ground and rotting wood, including a timely outcrop of turkey tail. Finding a clearing in the wood we ate our lunch and then made our way along Cwm y Befos, emerging onto farmland and more normal terrain. Passing Candleston farm, we headed north alongside a wood and then south-east. A friendly horse and donkey came close and followed us across their field before we arrived at the pretty Merthyr Mawr village near the church. Now we walked along the road finishing at Candleston castle. The castle is a 14thC fortified manor house, in ruins since the 19thC. The castle is believed to be named after the Norman family of Cantilupe, thought to be its first feudal tenants. In the 21stC, the castle is an ‘ivy covered ruin’: wildfowl, butterflies, moths, autumn gentian, violets and orchids are seen in its area. We had walked 8 miles and climbed 600ft.





Autumn Term Report


The Wenvoe Playgroup

We hope that everyone has had a peaceful Christmas and would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.


jan-3-playsch-202Everyone at Playgroup would like to say thank you to Bellway for visiting us in the Autumn Term and for their kind donation. The monies donated allowed us to purchase a banner for the front of the hall, advertising our new opening times. A new sink and cooker for the children’s role play area was also purchased, so thank you Bellway.

Can we also take this opportunity to thank Gwenfo School for inviting us to the Foundation Phase Christmas Concert (dress rehearsal). We had a lovely time and were thrilled to see some of our past and present playgroup children together once more. Our little ones sat so beautifully throughout the performance, they were amazing. We would also like to say thank you for always making our staff and children feel welcome and part of the school.


jan-2-playsch-202 jan-1-playsch-201

Moving forward in 2017

Our ‘wrap around service’ is proving very popular with parents/families and we would recommend that if you are thinking of using the wrap around care in the Spring or Summer term that you contact us a.s.a.p.

Also, if you have a child who is aged 2 years and 4 months between now and May then please get in touch. We have waiting lists for some days and may

have to employ additional staff if demand is high.




You can contact us on 02920597494 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday, email us at wenvoeplay group@btinternet.com or contact us via our website wenvoeplaygroup.co.uk


Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Concert. The Children did us proud




Library Update


librarylogoThe Wenvoe Community Library

Contact us on   029 2059 417




We will have been running the library for four months by the end of December and are very pleased with progress.


Wenvoe library is a ‘Community library’ and is just behind the community centre, it can also be accessed from Wenvoe Close, off Walston Road.


It allows you to:

 Borrow DVDs;

 Comic books;

 A good selection of teenage books;

 A wide range of crime fiction – we have more James Patterson books in Wenvoe than anywhere else in the Vale;

 Some interesting novels e.g. we’ve had a copy of M. L. Stedman’s ‘the Light between Oceans’ since July 2013;

 Non-fiction and autobiographies;

 Children’s books (in English and Welsh) fiction and non-fiction;

 Look at a small reference section (including bound copies of What’s On for each year)


From a home computer you can:

 Renew any books you’ve borrowed online;

 Browse the Vale catalogue in the comfort of your own home;

 Reserve books you would like to borrow and they will be delivered to Wenvoe library for you to collect – we will ring you when they arrive.


If you don’t have a home computer you can use a library computer to do all of the above.

When, as happens, broadband is down, you could use a library computer to read your mail or bring your own computer in to take advantage of free Wifi.

Buy books – we have some good quality donated books for sale and some old library stock is also available for sale.

Green garden waste bags and food bags;

Copies of What’s On.

As a community library we have to find the funds to run the library (the Vale of Glamorgan supplies books, DVDs etc) and all money raised from sales helps.

All the staff are volunteers who are keen to keep the library open for the people of Wenvoe.

Come and see us – Our opening hours are in "What’s On "  ‘Daily What’s On Guide’ page 2






2016 Round Up



A Happy New Year to all our readers… a Blwythin Newedd Dda..


The season of Advent in the church has been marked with the traditional lighting of the Advent candles each Sunday. The first Sunday marked the Patriarchs thinking of Abraham the father of the Nation of Israel. Then on the second Sunday we remembered the Prophets of old, hearing of Isaiah in the Old Testament, on the third Sunday we heard of John Baptist the last of the prophets as he prepared the way for the coming Messiah. On the fourth Sunday our prayer was for Mary and Joseph when the candle for Love was lit and finally on Christmas Eve the white central candle will be lit for the Birth of the long awaited Saviour, Jesus the Light of the Light. Advent is a special time of waiting and preparation for the greatest event in the Christian Calendar. The hymns we sing reflect the solemn nature of our worship and week by week we gradually relax as we draw nearer to Christmas day itself, for on the Sunday before Christmas our ”Pebbles” children performed their Nativity play at the 9.30 am service. This always brings the Mums and Dads, the Aunties and Uncles and even the Grandparents to see their little ones make their debut on the stage, and all are always welcome, with coffee and tea in Church Hall after the service. Well done to our “Pebbles” leaders and helpers in coaching the “Pebblettes” in their speaking roles, now greatly helped with our new sound system so we can hear them clearly in all parts of the church.

The Community Carol Service on Wednesday evening the 14th December, brought the different organisations in the village together, with Readings and Hymns based on the traditional Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. The collection taken during the service was donated to the work of Ty Hafan, the children hospice at Sully. The evening was rounded off with mince pies and mulled wine in the Community Centre, kindly provided by the Wenvoe Community Council. Mention must be made of the superb decorated Christmas tree outside the community Centre, larger than last year, a mobile crane was needed to erect it in place. Well done, Diolch am fawr.

A session of “Messy Church” with the theme of The Nativity, was held in the Community centre on Saturday afternoon the 3rd of December. The activities included making things that told the story of how Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem long ago including a large collage of last year’s Christmas cards for display in the church. This is a combined act of worship and time based around arts, crafts, celebration and eating together, arranged with St Mary’s and The Vale Church, and is well appreciated with the families who attend with their children. Look out for the dates of the next sessions in 2017.

This year we have given a Christmas Card to every house in the parish, the cover designed by children from “Pebbles” giving all the times of the Services over Christmas, and of course extending a warm welcome to all at this special time of the year. To the homes with young children, it is a time of excitement and expectation, to the older generation it is a time of reflection of events in the past, but to all it is the ending of one year and the wondering of what 2017 will bring into our lives.

The work in the Churchyard continues, at a slower pace than we would have liked, but if a job is worth doing is must be well done, and Mike our contractor is very methodical and careful in his work. The drainage to take away the rainwater from the roofs has been a particular problem for him. With old drainage pipes being uncovered, not knowing where they drain to, realising that we have a stream running into the trench around the Transept which means another “soak away” has to be dug. Work in any churchyard raises all kinds of problems and situations which cannot be foreseen at the time until you put a spade into the ground, however the day will come when the work will be finished on the North side of the church, before we commence on the South side of the nave

The church finances can cover the costs of the current work and the St. Mary’s 200 Club has given the Building Fund the proceeds of the year, after the prize money has been allocated. A surplus of £1,750 has been deposited which is a wonderful result, and thanks go to all who are shareholders in the 200 Club and of course there is room for many more. Contact Dickon Oliver for an application form and continue to help us keep the church building fit for future generations. (see page 5).

The other work going on the churchyard is the repair of the “Morgan” grave by the churchyard gate. Messrs Mossfords have removed the white marble stonework to their workshops and have relaid the foundations in readiness for the headstone/white cross to be sited. The cost for this is taken from the trust fund set up by the family some years ago to maintain the grave, and will not need any additional work for some years to come.

Looking back over the year, 2016 has been a very busy year in the life of the church, and 2017 will be full of opportunities to spread the Gospel out into the parish. Work on the preparations and ideas for our extension on the North side will be formulated and examined by many statuary organisations, and it is a project worth doing for the future of the church in Wenvoe. Some time in the year the St Mary’s Building Fund will be relaunched to raise our contribution to the work, and grants will be applied for from Charitable bodies who have funds for this purpose.

Just a reminder… Jon our Priest in Charge, known to many as Vicar Jon, is always available twice a month in St. Mary’s Church on Monday afternoons, as part of the “Open Door” scheme, running in Wenvoe and Sully. He is available for any discussion or problem or suggestion you have, and wish to chat with him. No appointment needed, just turn up.

Once again A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all readers of “What’s On” in Wenvoe from the congregations at St Mary’s and St Lythan’s.

Parry Edwards






First Term is Over






It is very hard to believe that we have now completed a full term in school!

The children all deserve to be congratulated on their wonderful Christmas performances – parents and grandparents really were incredibly well entertained in both the Infant and Junior concerts. We really must say a very big thank you to Mrs Sian Jones, who actually wrote and produced the KS2 performance – Mrs Jones is a truly talented lady.

The Infant children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas trip to the Sherman choir03Theatre to see “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Junior pupils went to see “The Borrowers”, which they equally enjoyed.

Our school choir really did perform beautifully in the Community Carol Service in St Mary’s Church. Thank you to our school choir, to parents for their continued support and again, to Mrs Jones.

Thanks must also go to our PFTA who give tirelessly of their time throughout the year; their hard work in organising the door entries and raffles during our Christmas concert season has been greatly appreciated.

We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2017!




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