Preparing For The Platinum Jubliee



The memorial soldier overseeing the planting up of flower beds in red, white and blue for the Jubilee.

Greenmoor Nursery in St Brides, Wentloog, gave us a huge discount and some free plants when he realised the work the team does and the quite unbelievable age of the personnel. Always a pleasure to go there; the plants are reasonable and in great condition.

We hope that you will enjoy this splash of colour to mark the Platinum Jubilee.



A Glorious April Morning


On a glorious April morning the somewhat under strength team formed a couple of flower beds around the memorial stone in preparation to celebrate the Jubilee in June. The area will be planted up in royal colours hopefully at our next gathering; we will need to add some more soil to help make the beds visible from the road.

While digging our resident choirmaster Gareth sing song unearthed some interesting artefacts which are at least a hundred years old, We know this as one of the team who shall remain nameless said he remembered nicking the bottle from the back of the pub as a teenager. Now we know why he wears a Tag.

Our next meeting will be at the same venue on Monday May 9th at 9.30am.

If anyone has some red, white or blue bedding plants that would be great, thank you.



Work Needs To Be Done


The orchid field has now been cut and we can see what work needs to be done. There are paths to keep clear, overgrowth along the boundary, cut material to be collected and burnt etc. If you would like to volunteer in helping to maintain the area please just turn up. We normally meet on the third Monday of the month from 9.30am but as this is Easter this month we will meet on 25th. You will need to provide your own tools, – gloves shears secateurs etc. and be responsible for your own safety



Walston Road Ivy Cut-Back


The team’s first outing of the year took place on the old narrow section of Walston Road adjacent to Grange Avenue. The gang set about cutting back the ivy growing on the wall to give pedestrians a better view of oncoming traffic. We must have looked a sorry bunch as Jenny, a nearby resident, came out with biscuits to cheer us up.

This road used to take all the Quarry traffic from Whitehall Quarry before the owners built a road down to the Tarrws, which is now an extension of Walston Road. The photograph is of two cottages lived in by the Crump and Watts families that were situated at the far end of Walston Road next to the old Whitehall quarry. When the quarry first started blasting the owner, Mrs Osmond, had to send some men to the Watts’s cottage to relay the slabs on the floor of the house which always dislodged during blasting. This happened regularly until the quarry workings moved further away from the cottage.

The Environment Team would like to thank the people who help to keep Wenvoe looking good by regularly collecting litter.

The Environment Team will meet again on 14th February at 9.30 at the same location on Walston Road. As always, we would be very happy to welcome anyone who would like to join us for a couple of hours.



The December Roving Photographer






Helen Morgan, who lives in Gwenfo Drive, was seen clearing weeds from the pavement on Old Port Road. She has to work on her own though, as she is just too young to join the environment team!!

These two sprightly Wenvoe men have 140 years between them. Dave [left] and Barry still like to show off their skills and have no intention of putting their feet up.




Cutting Back The Roses


On a beautiful autumn morning the team set about cutting back the roses on the village green. Ieuan brought along his new cordless hedge trimmer and demonstrated its effectiveness. Team member Brian was absent due to being summoned to Switzerland to work on the Hadron Collider. Have looked it up and apparently it’s quite impressive.

Our next get together will be on the 8th November at 9.30 to clear the area at the entrance to Clos Llan Fair.



A Flurry Of Activity


September saw a flurry of activity on the footpath leading to the sports field. Our youngest member, Martin, had been repeatedly stung by wasps while clearing bamboo in the community cemetery before we elders had risen. The impetuousness of youth was the main cause, we of an older generation decided.


Of course, we have other members who worry us, like big John who has been missing in action before. So, when he arrived a tad late this time we were worried, but he said his dog had got other ideas about spending time outdoors and took John for a walk. Gareth’s enthusiasm had to be quelled or we would still be there now. Stalwarts Alan, Brian, Ian and the ageless Ieuan always give it their all and the footpath is all the better for it.

Our next meeting will be at the village green on Monday 11th October at 9.30am.






Orchid Field Working Party



Work continues on removing the overgrown brambles at the top of the field. The two biggest piles of cut material have now been burnt and the areas left to regenerate.

The next meet will be Monday, 17th May from 9.30am. If you want to join us please bring your own tools and thorn proof gloves



A Gorgeous Spring Morning


On a gorgeous Spring morning, a full squad tackled the front border at the Community Centre with unbound enthusiasm, spurred on by the return of Derby John, whose wit and raconteur has been sorely missed of late. We had a gentleman come along to see if he might join us in the future. Apparently he has a lot of experience with Age concern and thinks he will fit in quite nicely.C

Our next meeting will be on Monday 10th May at 9.30am, where we shall attempt to rejuvenate the entrance to the footpath at the top end of Walston Rd. On a personal note the team make it the best hours work for me of the month.



Invasive Bamboo Defeated


On a lovely crisp Spring morning the gang set about the bamboo in the community cemetery. Cheered on by walkers, we soon made short work of clearing it. I believe some of the team who worked hardest had noticed how quickly the cemetery was filling up and were worried about the spaces left for internment. On Sunday 7th March a few residents did a litter pick. The efforts of people like this help to keep Wenvoe a nice place to live.

Our next meeting is on Monday 12th April at 9.30am outside the Community Centre. If you would like to be as fit as this team, then join us.



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