Clearing The Path To The Playing Fields


Clearing The Path To The Playing Fields

A lovely October morning spurred on most of the team while clearing the path to the playing fields. New member Mark got stuck in along with Ian, Alan and Ieuan. Gareth on the other hand was coming to terms with being eighty in a few weeks and couldn’t settle to anything. He spent his time asking the team what they might buy him for his birthday. When the clerk of works checked on their progress later, she was impressed and couldn’t believe that 41/2 men had accomplished so much in such a short time.

The village elders have asked if the team could turn out on the 6th November to tidy up around the memorial before Remembrance Sunday. As we have some war babies in the team I’m sure that won’t be a problem



A Busy Wenvoe Womble

On an overcast morning the team set about clearing the entrance to Pound Lane. Having an older workforce means we get a local history lesson from a time when everything was in black & white. Hospital, doctors and clinic appointments leave us short staffed on times so the silver foxes recruitment agency promised to send along their youngest member Alex Cooper but he is bedridden on account of getting a blister trying to remove an unfranked stamp from an envelope he’d found. The team completed the work and big John asked if the men could finish early because of the effort they’d put in.

We were due to cut the long grass on the footpath to the sports field next month but the last time we did that Gareth Sing-Song got lost and was only found when the last bit was cut. So we will regroup at the entrance to Clos Llanfair 11th September at 9.30.

We wish Jonathan a speedy recovery, we’re missing you.


Through a Glass of Malt


A Busy Wenvoe Womble

According to Big John the weather would be in spate on the morning the team were due to meet. So, he decided to monitor the situation through a glass of malt. The rest of the team got wind of this so consequently were difficult to prise out of their homes. When they were herded on to the village green, they became difficult to manage, going off in all directions. Once they’d settled down, work commenced in tidying up the roses and hedge around the memorial.
All was ok until Gareth ‘sing song’ turned up wearing a rubber ring, followed by a drop of rain and told them to go home before they drowned. So that was it. A man and his dog were nearly wiped out in the rush through the gate (pictured).

If we can find them all again, we’ll meet at Pound Lane on 14th August at 09.30. I hope to goodness it’s not too hot, wet, cold, sunny or there’s bad light!



A Busy Wenvoe Womble


A Busy Wenvoe Womble

The members started by clearing the border at the front of the Community centre. With a full team present short work was made of this task. The team then followed Ian’s lead by clearing brambles and young ash trees from beneath hedges. While doing so we came across a busy Wenvoe Womble ( pictured ) gathering litter. This chap has been seen in numerous locations around our community keeping the village tidy. Apparently his appearances on a Friday at the library hub make this meeting standing room only, which means the Womble has his own set of steps to make sure he gets his point across.

He has now become a dear friend of our team.

Next meet up will be at the roundabout in Greave Close on 13th March at 9.30am


What An Outing


What an outing on our first meeting of the year!

Before we got going a concerned citizen reported that suspicious activity was afoot at the church. We voted for Ian to go and investigate, as he was nearest. All ok though as the gentleman was investigating a problem with the roof. Neighbourhood Watch proved its worth.

The team then found a series of small holes on the village green. We thought at first folk had been metal detecting but as it turned out Brenig Davies and Gareth Sing Song had been settling their differences after the Christmas carol service and lost an earring in the melee. To make amends for his behaviour, Gareth collected litter all along Old Port Road.

We did plant three gifted trees, a couple of roses and some bulbs before departing. It was heart-warming to see a daffodil out on a lovely morning.

Our next meeting will be on 13th February at 9.30am by the Community Centre.


The Seven Troopers Did A Fine Job


Memorial Area Clean Up

The team were rained off on the Monday but reconvened on Thursday to get the memorial area cleaned up for Remembrance Sunday. This was made easier by the Vale road-sweeper with a considerate driver who accepted some Bara Brith that Glenys had made for Gareth ‘Sing Song’s’ birthday.

The seven troopers did a fine job, albeit under shop steward Big John’s disgust that all annual leave was cancelled for 2023. While working, news came through that Martin had been stabbed. Further investigation found that it was just a flu injection. The ‘Get Well’ card was cancelled!

The team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The group meet on the second Monday of the month and would welcome any additions. It’s worth coming along to meet some of the characters that you would read about in Mr Men books.

Next meeting will be at the Community Centre at 9.30am on Monday 12th December


Orchid Field Volunteers



‘Rain stopped play’ for the November meeting. The field has now had its autumn cut and places the tractor was unable to reach now require cutting by hand; these include areas under the trees, around benches and some of the paths. Anybody wishing to do work before we next meet is welcome to tackle any of these areas or take on a winter project of clearing an overgrown bramble patch at the top of the field.

A Beautiful Summer’s Morning



On a beautiful summer’s morning the team tackled the border at the front of the Community Centre. After a job well done, Brian produced a bottle of Champagne to celebrate his birthday, while Glenys made a cake to wish Brian and Sandra every happiness in their new home and thank him for his service to the group. To be honest you would need to travel far to meet a nicer man.

Two new members joined the team this month, which will help us in keeping the village tidy.

If you are interested in the headgear worn by the team in the photograph, it will be on show at the scarecrow festival.

The next outing will be on the village green at 9.30am on Monday the 12th September



The Environment Team have put the anvil and vice from the old Wenvoe blacksmith’s shop on display adjacent to the Church Hall. The blacksmiths was located on the corner of Walston Road and Old Port Road opposite the church. The bungalow on the site is called The Forge and there is a well still in the garden. The team was given consent for this by the Community Council









The Depleted Team

On a blistering hot morning the depleted team tackled an overgrown hedge on Tarrws Lane. While doing so we cleared the rubbish that was obstructing the old well (pictured).

Some of the elders made up an interview panel to vet a new member. Big John sorted out his details and signed him up for life membership. Gareth ‘Sing Song’ would like us to double our efforts, as there is always a lot to be done around the village. The only snag is the cost to the NHS with the extra prescriptions. A couple of members have been deemed good looking enough to attend the Silver Foxes coffee mornings which came as a surprise to the rest of us and a disappointment that we were not in the first draft, or second come to that!

Our next outing will be on Monday 8th August at the Community Centre at 9.30am.

We will be allowing carers along at the August meeting but not parole officers or your social worker

Wenvoe Community Litter Pick



The next Litter Pick will be from Friday 5th August with bags being collected from your home on Friday 12th August. If you are interested in taking part please call, text or email me on 07724827496 or email I will drop pickers, bags etc to you. Many thanks, Russell Godfrey


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