Braving the Elements

Braving the Elements Last month we were a small party, probably due to the high winds. Those of us who braved the elements, with ballast in our trouser bottoms, cut back the roses and tidied the border in front of the community centre.The border has had a lot of daffs planted there, but they have refused to show willing so […]

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We Are Short On Numbers

We Are Short On Numbers January’s work consisted of cutting back bamboo, ivy and thorns that were growing close to the wall dividing the community cemetery and churchyard. We as a group meet on the 2nd Monday of the month, 9.30 at the Community Centre. We are short on numbers at present and would welcome any help in trying to […]

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The Heatwave Challenge

  It has been a challenge to all gardeners trying to keep all their plants alive during the heatwave and the community plants are no exception, but some devoted members of our team are managing to do a bit of watering. This lovely weather has its’ downside for we who long for some good solid rain. Watering is hard work, […]

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