Woodland block decision

In July 2015 Redrow put forward proposals to remove a woodland block consisting of 27 mature trees from their Grange housing development in order to accommodate an additional 3 properties. This was contrary to Redrow’s original application which promised to retain and improve the woodland block as a wildlife corridor which provided an important visual buffer for Clos Llanfair residents.

The Vale council received a number of local objections including a petition from Clos Llanfair residents, and a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) was placed on the woodland block by the Council’s Tree Officer. Redrow made an objection but following letters of support from WRAG and local residents, planning committee then voted to confirm this order.

In October 2015 Redrow amended their plans and proposed to retain the woodland but to incorporate the trees as part of the rear gardens of the new properties. This was also deemed unacceptable by local residents and council ecology officers so our objections continued.

Finally, this month Redrow gave in and reverted back to a plan similar to their original proposals with only one additional dwelling. This reserved matters application was approved unanimously by planning committee and work can now continue on the next phase of housing at the development with the woodland retained and protected. Additional S106 payments will be granted to Wenvoe to compensate for the additional dwelling.

We would like to thank Tree officer Margaret Krzemieniewski, Ecology officer Erica Dixon, Councillor Jonathan Bird, and local residents who all played a part in the successful outcome of this case.

Full plans can be viewed via the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Register