Family Jubilee Treasure Hunt


June – August

The Family Jubilee Community Treasure Hunt is based on items to be found and discovered within the Wenvoe community area. It consists of photographs and questions for your whole family to seek the answers as they wander around the community during the summer months.

The questions sheets will be available from the afternoon of Saturday 4th June at the Community Centre and additional sheets will be available from the library hub.

The closing date of the competition will be in August, so there is plenty of time during the up and coming wonderful sunny days to explore the local surroundings and complete your answers.



Jubilee Bake And Donate Competition


Saturday 4th June

Why not get your apron out and your chef’s thinking cap on and enter the Bake and Donate competition?

Bake any cake and/or biscuits you like and bring them to the small room in the Community Centre between 10.00am and 11.00am on Saturday 4th June. Last entries must be in and registered by 11.00am so that judging can commence at 11.00am. There will be jubilee themed prizes for the winning adult and child in both cake and biscuit categories. Children’s age group is up to school year 6 and adult category is school year 7 and above.

We have two seasoned bakers as judges – Candice Shibani and Sandra Jones.

All entries will be kept for visitors to the 50’s themed afternoon to sample and marvel at (hence the Bake and Donate title). Come on, have a go! Show us what you can do!



General News

General News

New Library Building

(Editors Note:  This article was written before construction was delayed because of unforeseen problems with  asbestos. The start date will be delayed )

Construction work on the new library will commence on Monday 16th August with the demolition of the old building and construction of the groundworks. Most of the car park will be fenced off, except for the footpath from Wenvoe Close to Old Port Road, and access to the Community Centre.

In the week of 30th August a large crane and the four building modules will be delivered, which will require a clear road from the church to the building site. Residents of Wenvoe Close and Lower Walston Road are asked NOT to park on the road at this time. The exact date will be notified by a letter to all concerned.

The plan is to complete all the work within 6 weeks, and to have the library back in operation by 4th Oct.

Police Report

Police attended the meeting to update councillors on local crime figures and answer any questions. There was a report of a rogue trader operating in the village targeting vulnerable people. The police advice is if seen in the area to ring 101; but if spotted actually doing work call 999 and try and provide as much detail as possible about the vehicle they are using.

Community Centre

All regular users of the Community Centre have been contacted to assess their requirements for future use of the building as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. A new set of regulations will be provided for all hirers.

Additional notice boards will be erected at the Redrow and Belway developments when permission can be obtained from the landowners. A third board will be erected on St Andrews Road.

The Council still awaits the Vale’s S106 proposals for funding possible youth facilities locally.

The Council has been aware that the hall suffers from poor acoustics and the matter has been especially highlighted when holding social distancing meeting during the Covid-19 crisis.

Professional advice will be sought in an attempt to improve the situation.

Quotations for repairs/replacements to the Community Centre windows is still being investigated. Finding proficient contractors is at the present time proving difficult.

Concern has been expressed about the state of pavements around the area with overgrown hedges and weeds in particular. With Vale budgets being extremely limited they can only carry out limited operations. It is suggested we could improve the look of the community by at least keeping the area around our own properties tidy.

Complaints concerning the voting difficulties encountered recently by compelling all local voters to use the Community Centre as their polling station has resulted in a visit from the returning officers and agreement that the size of the community warranted a second polling location being required in future. An acceptable location will be sought at the northern end of the community (Culverhouse Cross area)

Every person should know when and how to perform CPR to keep the blood flowing to the brain and around the body in the event of an emergency. With the installation of additional defibrillator machines locally the public should also be confident in using the machines to assist in the patient’s recovery while awaiting the emergency services. The Council will be organising free training courses in the near future.



Wenvoe Village Show


Saturday 5th September 2020 at 12 noon – Wenvoe Community Centre

Show officially opens to view the entries and taste the produce

Use your lockdown time to grow, craft and produce your entries for our next Village Show.Unlimited entries this year. Previously entered items are acceptable if they formerly failed to win a prize. You will find further details in the Library. Look out for posters and further details in the Library


Fruit & Vegetable – best examples of: Craft
Apples – 3 cookers
Apples – 3 eaters
Tomatoes (cherry) – 3 same type
Tomatoes (standard size)- 3 same type
Beetroot – three
Root Vegetables – best three
Onions – three
Soft fruit all variety – best three
Beans any variety – best three
Any other vegetable – One (unless smaller than a medium sized onion then 3 items should be submitted for judging)
Handwriting (adult) 50 words from a novel
Wool. e.g. Knitting, crochet, felted etc.
Painting/Drawing any medium
Any other craft item.
Vegetables – whoppers Photography
Runner bean – longest
Marrow/Squashes – biggest
Onion – largest
Misshapen vegetable – funniest shape- a caption must also be provided

Unmounted and no larger than 7” x 5”. Do not write on reverse side please.

Local wildlife
The colour black and white

Culinary Fun
4 Scones
6 Welsh cakes
Any Cake (own recipe)
Savoury bake
Bread (Artisan)
Bread (Machine made)
Sweet preserve
Savoury preserve
Homemade drink any kind
Limerick – Anything based on the topic of social distancing
Preserves Children’s Section
Sweet preserve
Savoury preserve
All items MUST be produced by the child. Age categories are under 7 and 8-13

Home baked – favourite cake.
Drawing or painting – Holidays
Handwriting – an extract from my favourite storybook (about 25 words).
Collage – mixed media
Photographs – “My best picture taken in the last year”. (The child must have taken the picture.)

Beverages Dog Show
Homemade drink any kind. Gorgeous Oldie – over 10 years
Best Rescue dog
Owner who looks like their dog
Best junior handler -under 12 – demonstration of 4 tricks
Judges’ Favourite

Entry for the Wenvoe Village Show is limited to residents of the Wenvoe Community (Wenvoe, Twyn-y-Odyn, St Lythans, Dyffryn) and children who attend the village school. Anyone who has regular connections with a village organisation but resides outside the community boundary and would like to submit an entry should contact the organisers.
If you have any thoughts, ideas and suggestions about this year’s event or would like to help out organising the Show, please contact us at the library.



Join the Craft Club

Wenvoe Community Centre
9:30-3:30 Mondays & Wednesdays
Bring your project and craft along with a friendly group of crafters who are interested in all kinds of textile work.
Learn new skills in patchwork, quilting, embroidery, feltying, crochet etc. Beginners and more experi-enced crafters welcome.
Just £72 for 12 weeks for either day, or you could sign up to both days.
For futher information, phone Linda: 02920 593679



Wenvoe Village Show

Wenvoe Village Show

Wenvoe Village Show – The show this year was well supported by the village. We received nearly 300 adult entries and we raised £354.55 for the Library.

The dulcet tones of the village choir commenced the proceedings and Johnny Tudor and Olwen Rees opened the event. As well as the produce and culinary categories, we had a record number of artworks submitted, all to a high standard which made judging reallydifficult. We also received beautiful crafts and needlework and a host of entries from the children in the village. The show ended with the public tucking into the beautiful cakes and produce entered into the show. Congratulations to the overall winner Gail Griffiths, and to the second Isobel Davies and to the joint third winners: Gordon Jones and V’Iain Fenton-May.

This was the second show organised by Wenvoe Community Library and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone in our community who supported the show. Thanks also to the judges, entrants, volunteers, Johnny and Olwen, the choir, who all gave freely of their time and to all who made the event possible and extra special thanks must go to the Show’s organisers Janet Williams, Heulwen Davies and Sue Hoddell who did a fantastic job

We hope you are planning for next year. The Show will be on 5th September. Look out for next year’s schedule which will be available in the Spring. We shall have even more categories including a fun dog show.



It is by taking part in community events that makes our village a great place in which to live.

Summer Reading Challenge

About 30 children registered for this summer’s challenge, the theme of which was Space Exploration linking it with the first moon landing 50 years ago. The Challenge had its launch on Thursday July 18 with Alina Trigger attending a school assembly with all relevant information. Dave Breen, of Techniquest in Cardiff contributed with a talk on space and held a walk-in workshop in the library on 21st August. Alina will present the certificates to the participants of the Challenge.



Wenvoe Village Show


Wenvoe Village Show

Saturday 7th September from 12.00 noon until 2.00pm in Wenvoe Community Centre

After the official opening at noon, home-made goodies may be sampled by the public. The Community Centre will be open for entries on the Friday evening before the show between 6:30 and 7:30pm and between 08:30 and 10:30 on the morning of the show after which the Community Centre will be cleared for judging. Further details, entry categories and rules are available in the library.

We always need volunteers to help in running the show, so if you have an hour or so to spare please contact us.






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