New Handwash Station



Just before Christmas, the Playgroup were lucky enough to have a handwash station donated and fitted to support the extra hand washing throughout the pandemic.

Chris Evans from Lawray Architects sought help from Bouygues UK and F P Hurley, after noticing that more hand washing facilities would be helpful for the high number of children in attendance.

Both companies supported our SOS after noticing that many children were using steps to reach the high sinks and noticing many children had to wait in line which took time from their play.

We would like to thank Bouygues UK and FP Hurley for a fantastic job. Well done. The children are preferring the easily accessible, low-level trough and learning to become independent at the same time.

The Village Hall wrote and thanked both companies for their donation as the trough is also benefitting their hirers and parties for younger members. The Village Hall Management will now arrange for a paper towel dispenser to be fixed near to the sink for the children.

The Playgroup continue to hold waiting lists open for children who wish to attend 2022 and 2023 at this time. If you are interested in joining the group, then it is never too early to send an email and join our waiting lists

For more details on what we can offer please visit to view our Statement of Purpose, Operational Plan and Admissions



Playgroup News And Events



Oh my days, how time is flying! By the time you are reading this our Committee will be holding their Dickensian Fayre to raise much needed funds, in hope to improve our garden space. We hope that you will all pop along and support! Father Christmas will be there sipping his mulled wine – sorry, I meant cup of tea – alongside many stall holders who will be selling their wares. It’s sure to be a fun filled few hours. Doors open at 1pm. Please wear a face mask, unless of course you are exempt. You may remove your face mask when you are sitting down to eat and drink. Refreshments available.

Information on our Committee’s next fundraiser on 18th December, ‘Santa’s Fun Run’ is here and will also be on display at the Fayre. For more information contact Louise on 07912 781497.

We hope you can support the above two fundraising events to help raise much needed funds. Thank you on behalf of the Committee.

Our Playgroup is now full until September 2022. We have waiting lists for September 2022 and September 2023 started, so please don’t think it’s too early to put your child’s name down. Do it soon! Please email as our waiting list is based on date of enquiry not where you live. If you would like to view some of our photos or find further information then please visit our website where you will find everything you need to know.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all have a lovely time celebrating with family and loved ones this year




Dickensian Fayre



Wenvoe Playgroup are organising a Dickensian Fayre at the Village Hall on Sunday 5th December, to raise funds for the playgroup. The fayre will feature Father Christmas and the Salvation Army Band. There will be stalls featuring local small businesses. So if you make cakes, crafts or sell produce we would love to have you there.



Wenvoe Playgroup are organising a Christmas Fun Run on Sunday 19th December in the village. All children between the above ages are welcome to enter. All will receive a tee shirt for taking part. If you would like to sponsor the event or help out on the day we would love to hear from you.


For information please contact Russell Godfrey or Tel: 07724827496 or Louise Williams




The Playgroup Continues


The Playgroup continues to have very high numbers, with waiting lists open to September 2023. We have a waiting list for 2021 – 2022 which may see us full by January. Due to popularity, if you are thinking of coming to join the Playgroup in the next 2 years, it is never too early to email us. We need your child’s first name and date of birth to join our waiting lists.

We support children from the age of 2 years 4 months to 4 years 11months. We offer ‘Wrap around Care’ with the nursery and offer a breakfast club for those up to age 6 years, from 8am and onto school. For further information please email us

or view our website

Please see our Statement of Purpose and Admission documents for hours and pricing.

The supports the Welsh Government’s Tax Free Childcare along with the 30 Hour FREE Childcare Offer. You will find links on our website to support information on the 30 Hour FREE Childcare offer. As a Registered Charity (not for profit), supported by a Voluntary Management Team, we act in the best interest of the community and our families.

Our Committee are busy arranging a Victorian Fayre (see page 11) and other fun events to raise some much needed funds for the little ones to enjoy the outside space in the Autumn/Winter weather.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who Volunteer to support the Playgroup, allowing us to continue operating as a Charity and especially thank all our friends in the community for supporting our fundraising and raffles. We really do appreciate all the support shown. Thank you.



Wenvoe Playgroup CIO Update


It has been sometime since we last wrote in the What’s On, which was mainly due to the constant changes and paperwork throughout the pandemic. We hope that moving forward we will be able to operate a little more ‘normal’ moving into the Summer months. To see what we have been doing, please view our gallery on our website

The paper work that Covid-19 brought with it was tremendous, especially trying to keep everyone updated due to social distancing. How we have missed chatting alongside the Parents and Carers this last year.

Of course with the heavy paper load, came the need for storage space. We would like to thank Simon of Office Visions Ltd in Pentwyn for the fabulous filing cabinet that was donated and delivered to our door. One moan to Chris Evans and he was on the phone to Office Visions. Thank you both so much for your support.

As many of you know, the Playgroup has operated for over 50 years as a Charity, relying upon the support of the community for its success. There are many people behind the scenes supporting the group which is going from strength to strength and we thank you all for your tremendous hard work and dedication. From sprucing up the garden, to managing the web-site, fundraising and supporting the Management Team to operate as a Registered Charity. We couldn’t do it without you.

We are now fully booked for the Summer, with over 40 children on our registers. We have high waiting lists for September 2021 which we will be dealing with as you read this and a waiting list has been started for children up to September 2022.

We take payments via the Welsh Government Tax Free Childcare scheme and of course we are signed up to The Welsh Government’s scheme for both The Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff

’30 Hour FREE Childcare Offer’. If you would like more information on the 30 Hour Free childcare offer then please email us at wenvoeplaygroup@

We offer:- Breakfast club for reception and year 1 children who attend Gwenfo School age 4 – 6 years: 8am until 8:50am: £5 per day

We mainly care for pre-school children under 5 offering; Breakfast from 8am daily for £5 a day and on into Playgroup or across to Gwenfo Nursery for 9am

From 9am until 11:45am £13.50

Until 12:45pm and/or onto Gwenfo Nursery for 1pm £18.00

We pick up daily from Gwenfo Nursery at 11:20am and care for the children until 12:45pm, known as lunch club for that extra few hours @ £8 per day

Wednesday and Thursday we pick up at 11:20am until 15:15pm – cost £18 per day.

For those parents who are eligible for the 30 Hour FREE childcare offer (the term after their Child’s 3rd birthday) then up to 4 days per week could be free paying a small fee for the fifth day.

If you would like more information then please email Sandra on the group email wenvoeplaygroup who can send further information.

You may find it useful to visit our website and view our Statement of Purpose and Admissions Policy. There are numerous policies and procedures for your information on our website.

We hope to plan a socially distanced open day in June or July, so watch this space and hopefully we will see you all soon.



Wenvoe Playgroup CIO



Wenvoe Playgroup are a Registered Charity, who operate from the Village Hall as Daycare from Monday to Friday 8am until 1pm daily. We offer wrap around to Gwenfo Nursery 5 mornings per week and offer pick up from the Nursery 11:20am until 12:45pm 3 days per week, with Wednesday and Thursday until 3:15pm. We are full for afternoon places at this time.

We started the Autumn term on 7th September 2020, with our afternoons starting from 7th October. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support in ensuring we can operate safely.

Writing this in November, we have operated successfully for the past 10 weeks, offering care for the children from our community and the surrounding areas. We have 5 weeks to go until Christmas, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Like many, we have had to adapt to many changes in our playgroup due to Covid-19, and we are doing all we can to support our community and surrounding areas with Childcare.

Our numbers are very high on the waiting list and we hope to expand slowly, to keep the group as safe as possible. We hope to review our waiting lists in January. However, please be mindful that we have very limited space. Many families on our waiting lists have been waiting some time for places and we thank you for your patience.

Should you wish to add your names to our waiting list for September 2021, then please get in touch, by emailing your interest to wenvoeplaygroup Places for September 2020 were allocated in February this year and we also started our waiting list for next year 2021 at the same time. With the 30 Hour Free Childcare Offer, we are finding many families are showing an interest early, starting children from the age of 2 years and 4 months to secure their care in time for the term after their Child’s 3rd birthday when the 30 Hour Childcare Offer is available. We also accept payment via the Government Tax Free Child Care along with Childcare company schemes.

For further information, please visit our website or contact us at

We hope to send further information regarding the 30 Hour Free Childcare and how it works in the New Year.

All that remains, is for us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from the Staff and Management Committee at the Playgroup.



Wenvoe Playgroup CIO



Just a quick reminder that we continue to move for-ward with our plans to start our Autumn term on Monday 7th September.

Breakfast club will be introduced as we move for-ward along with our daycare and transitions to and from Gwenfo Nursery.

There will be no wrap around care with Gwenfo School for the first week back. We will be starting transitions to the Nursery week commencing 14th September.

We have large numbers joining us in September, with contracts in hand, so please be patient with us as we address the waiting lists.

We will keep everyone informed of the latest information and changes via our website: and share our plans via the What’s On Magazine each month.

We have many children and families on our waiting lists into 2021, and we suggest that if you are planning to join Wenvoe Playgroup, that you email Sandra and put your Child’s name on the waiting list.

There is a link directly to our email on our above website.

Thanks to all the Playgroup families for your patience. We hope to see you very soon.

Sandra & Staff



Wenvoe Playgroup Re-Opening

Wenvoe Playgroup Re-Opening

On the 20th March 2020 we were given the news to take an extended Easter Holiday due to COVID-19. Little did we know then, that we wouldn’t return until 29th June 2020.

Throughout March and the months that followed to June, we lived in uncertain times like everyone, not knowing when and how we could return safely to the group. However, we did, and I would like to thank our wonderful Management Committee who have helped us to return safely.

Wenvoe Playgroup CIO is a registered charity, belonging to the residents of Wenvoe and run by the Parents of children who attend the setting. We also have many people in our village who support the Playgroup year after year, helping with our Website and fundraising. We are grateful for all the support that everyone together provides, to make it the success it is today.

Writing this, we are now near the end of summer term. We have successfully operated the last three weeks, working with 16 children in two groups of 8 at the Village Hall. Children returned and adapted well to the new routines, being happy to return to the familiar setting with their Aunties, relaying all their experiences and stories from the past 3 months.

Moving forward into September, we will be re-opening on Monday 7th September. Some of our services may take a little while to put in place, however, we will do our best to return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible. We will re-open our waiting lists into September as we move forward.

The 30 Hour Free Childcare Offer closed to new applicants at the end of March, however, they hope to be open once more by the end of August. If you visited the Playgroup in February and completed a contract, then you are able to contact the Vale Family Information centre Tel: 01446 704704 / E-mail: who will happily take your details and contact you once the offer is open for those applying for September 2020


What is the 30 Hour Free Childcare Offer and how does it work?

The 30 Hour Free Childcare offer is all about the Child and where they live, not where the Childcare Provider is located. It is available to children the term after their 3rd Birthday.

If your Child is 3:

  • 1 Sept – 31 Dec they will be eligible in January
  • 1 January – 31 March they will be eligible in April (after the Easter Hols)
  • 1 April – 31August – they will be eligible in September


If the Child is living with 2 parents, both parents work 16 hours or more per week at National Minimum Wage (NMW)

If the Child is living with 1 parent, that you work 16 hours or more per week at NMW.

If you earn more than £100,000.00 per parent then the Child is not eligible

Wenvoe Playgroup can offer free care for up to 17.5 hours of the 30 hours during term time. On holiday weeks, 30 Hours may be claimed through another provider. 12.5 of the 30 Hours is used by LEA Nursery, however, you can just use up to 17.5hrs. Some of our children this year have attended 4 days free of charge at Playgroup or 5 days with a small top up fee. The choice is yours.

Should you wish for further information, then please view our website where you will find information and a link to our email to ask questions throughout August.

For those parents who have been in contact with the group, you will be kept up-to-date via email as we move forward into September.

Have a lovely summer everyone and we will keep you updated with any changes



Thanks ‘The Works’ Of Wenvoe

We would like to thank ‘The Works’ of Wenvoe for their kind donation to our Christmas Raffle. The Works have supported many raffles at the Play-group and we would like to show our appreciation for their continued support by sharing our thanks in the What’s On.

Many local businesses support Wenvoe Playgroup CIO and we would like to thank everyone for their donations and support. It is thanks to local business-es, the Community and our Families, that Wenvoe Playgroup CIO remains today. We would like to thank everyone who has believed in us and we are now operating stronger than ever with the support of our community, so thank you.

The 30 Hour Free Childcare has also made a differ-ence to the operation of Playgroup. We now have over forty families enrolled with us and many on our waiting lists for September 2020.

To find out more about the 30 Hour Free Childcare Offer for September, please contact your local Family Information Centre to see if you are eligible for the offer. Both parents or single parent family must be working A MINIMUM of 16 hours per week on minimum wage. The offer is for families with Children, the term after their 3rd Birthday until they attend reception class. 12.5 hours of the 30 hours are used in LEA Nurseries. Here at Playgroup we run term time only alongside Gwenfo Nursery.

Here at Wenvoe Playgroup we support 17.5 hours of Free Care, which we can be flexible in our ar-rangements. Most children with us at this time at-tend 5 mornings per week 9 – 1pm and transit across to Gwenfo Nursery for 1pm until 3:30pm. A packed lunch is provided from home and parents pay a top up fee per week of £11.25 as they attend 20 hours per week.

Of course, you may attend a four day week from 9am until 1pm for FREE using 16 hours. Some pre-fer to use 15 hours , 8am UNTIL 1pm and pay a top up fee for breakfast club of 50p per day (£1.50 per week).

We also have children using 17.5 hours with us, as their local school does not have an LEA Nursery provision and they are just outside the Gwenfo Catchment Area. Some also choose not to move onto their catchment nursery as they have settled with us, hence limited spaces during the Spring and Summer months. Our advice to you is; if you are thinking of joining us in the academic year 2020 to 2021 for wrap around care, then contact us and share your wishes. Although Nursery admissions for September 2020 will not be notified until the end of May, we can keep you in mind for a place from September should you be successful.

We also provide a Breakfast Club for children who attend Gwenfo Reception for £5 per day. Breakfast club opens at 8am here at the Village Hall and chil-dren are taken safely to reception at Gwenfo for 8:50am start.

Nursery Children who attend morning Nursery at Gwenfo, also attend breakfast and we take them across at 8:50am or they stay until 1pm and are tak-en across for the afternoon session. The latter is the most popular. You can see from the above how flex-ible we are to meet your needs. Just please don’t ask us to do overnight or weekends ha ha.

If you are interested in how we can help you, then please contact us either by email-ing or phone 02920507494.

For further information, please visit our web-site;



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