Closure Of The Leisure Group


It is with sadness that this coming month will see the closure of Leisure Group. The club has been running for over 40 years and was originally for both men and women over 60. Over the years it gradually be-came ladies only and of any age. Meeting every week, it was not always possible to have a speaker, but there was always some sort of entertainment.

Over the last few years, we have sadly lost many of our members, and despite our efforts we have failed to encourage new members to join. This together with being unable to appoint new committee members to continue the running of the club, has forced us into the decision to cease our meetings.

Our Easter party, on April 17th is our last meeting, when we say our last goodbyes to Leisure Group.

Betty Williams



Lorna Pearson Entertained


We had a laughter filled afternoon on the 12th September when Lorna Pearson entertained us with her amusing poems and anecdotes, this was followed on the 19th with exercises with Annette.

On the 26th we held our annual Harvest Thanksgiving, with Mr Parry Edwards officiating in the absence of Rev Jon. Once again Margaret, our ‘Auctioneer Extrordinaire’ managed to sell all the donations of fruit and vegetables, with the money raised going to this years charity.

Anthea Guthrie, who is both a judge and exhibitor at the Chelsea Flower Show, was our speaker on the 3rd October. She showed us films of the winning gardens, displayed at this year’s show, with their own themes, one of which represented the sea with shimmering grasses and shiny metal fish.



Autumn/Winter programme


After a sweltering summer, we are now about to start our Autumn/Winter programme. With Christmas plans on the agenda. ‘How time flies’. We have a full programme for the rest of the year, which commences on September 5th with, as always, a game of Bingo .This is followed on the 12th with the much awaited return of a very funny lady, Lorna Pearson, known as the Welsh Pam Ayres, who has entertained us previously with her humorous anecdotes and poems.

If you are a person who dislikes going out on dark winter evenings, why not try a Wednesday afternoon with Leisure Group. Our entertainment is very varied, from speakers to music, or Harvest Thanksgiving to chair exercises and Christmas Festivities. So come along to the Community Centre at 2:15pm on Wednesdays and give us a try. Visitors are always welcome.



Wenvoe School Choir Visit


We always enjoy a visit from the children of Wenvoe School choir and their visit on June 20th was no exception.24 children and their teacher crossed over the road to come to entertain us and gave us a lovely afternoon.

On 27th of June Bruce Hawkins gave us a talk “Naughty Women in History”. His list was endless, some were known to us , many not, but all of them unbelievably cruel and callous.

We sat down to strawberries or raspberries and cream on July 4th and followed it with a picture quiz.

On the 11th of July Pat Summers brought along lavender from her garden and showed us how to make Lavender Dollies. Using ribbons, she wove around the lavender head. We were invited to have a go .Two members volunteered but it was not as easy as it looked

The Autumn programme is now ready, if anyone would like one please ring me 02920 592822

There will be no meetings during August



June Talks


Mr David Harrison gave us an interesting talk on May 23rd about graveyards, mostly in the Monmouth area ,where he lives,and where a lot of history is attached. On the 30th of May, Ann Callen brought her vast collection of patchwork quilts to show us. She told us how she first became interested in this craft and how much of her work focuses around a theme or special occasion.

We arranged afternoon tea for June 6th.The table was full with sandwiches, cakes and scones with plenty of cream. Apart from eating we were able to chat to each other .It was quite a change and a pleasant afternoon

Mr Donald Knight, who specialises in Bonzai trees ,brought along some of his collection on June 13th. We heard how this pession of his grown over the years, and how he has turned his own garden and previous ones into Japanese gardens, which have featured on TV and any magazines and are open to the public at certain times

We are fast coming to the end of our Spring/Summer session. I hope you have enjoyed it .The Autumn programme will be ready by the end of July



Mercy Ships and Faberge Jewellery


Mrs Sheila Pugh visited us on April 18th, and gave us a very interesting talk on the Mercy ships, and the wonderful work done by those who volunteer to work on them. The ship is stationed each year at a port, mostly in Africa, where it becomes a hospital,carrying out surgery and treatments doctors, nurses, teachers etc, at their own expense volunteer to spend 10 months of the year helping the poor people of these countries. Receive medical aid .This coming year it will be in port in Guinea.

On April 25th Mrs Lilian Charles came to tell us the history of Faberge jewellery. via the screen she showed us numerous pictures of Faberge eggs and jewellery all sparkling with diamonds, and mostly made for an occasion .Then we were treated to a few real pieces from Mrs Charles own collection

Dr Neville Evans visited us on May 2nd with his on his childhood experiences, this was part two of his talk, and as before, very humorous .

We were looking forward to Mr John Sheen’s new talk on May 9th,and we were not disappointed. Mr Sheen sees the the funny side of every day life and with his acting experience tells it all so well.

Diary of events

June. 6th. Afternoon tea

June. 13th Donald Knight. ‘The art of Bonzai’

June20th Wenvoe school choir

June 27th Bruce Hawkins. ‘Naughty ladies in history’



March Talks


On March 21st, Mr Tom Phelps entertained us. He first gave us an insight into his childhood education which was poor but was determined to learn by following correspondence courses. He went on to write hundreds of humourous poems which he read to us with his very Welsh accent making them very comical.

This was followed on 28th March by Mr John Metcalf who spoke about the Vale of Glamorgan Festival of Music which celebrates 50 years this year in Cardiff. Mr Metcalf is a composer who has many compositions and theme tunes to his credit.

Following our Easter break, Viv Truman came to tell us how she became an antique dealer. Starting with a stall in Jacob’s market in Cardiff and progressing to two shops. She told us how jewellery devalues immediately its purchased. As usual Viv’s talks are always humorous.



February and March Events


We had a relaxing musical afternoon on the 21st February when Mr. Joel Jordan played his guitar and sang to us. He sang songs from the 40's onward which were all well known to us, from the Beatles. Patsy Kline, etc. We had a delightful afternoon.

On the 28th Mr. Allan Underhill gave a talk on sugar and the start of sweet making production. Sugar being such an expensive item in those days.

We started March with a fish and chip lunch, brought to us by a local shop and this was followed by a game of Bingo. Margaret has produced a great selection of prizes.

Mr. David Salter entertained us on the 14th with his amusing talk on how Picture Postcards became popular. They were a very cheap form of contact and also an extremely fast one with seven deliveries a day.



January and February Events


Rosemary Scadden was our speaker on January 24ty, with one of her new talks “On the edge”. Rosemary told us of villages along the edge of the Severn Estuary, some we had not heard of. This was followed on the 31st by Annette Bracey giving us some keep fit exercises to do.

We are pleased to welcome many new members. We do hope you will enjoy our Wednesday afternoons and continue to do so.

The Dance Band Days was the theme of Mr Wayne Warlow’s talk on the 7th February. Mr Warlow played us music from many famous band leaders, such as Geraldo, Billy Cotton, Bert Amberose and many more.

Following on the 14th February, Rhiannon Chamberlain, of the Dog’s Trust, Bridgend, gave us an insight into the wonderful work this charity does, not just rehousing, but helping many owners.

On March 7th we have our fish/chicken and chips lunch followed by a game of bingo. Please let us know if you are coming, the cost is £3.50. Please arrive by 1.30pm, if you do not wish to have lunch, bingo will follow at our usual 2.15pm



January Business


Our new year started on the 3rd January, as always with a game of Bingo, followed on the 10th with our A.G.M. There was a lot on the agenda to discuss, one being which charity to support. It was suggested that it should be a children’s. Enquiries are now being made.

Our new programme for this year, started on the 17th with a visit from Helen Latimer of the Welsh Puppetry Theatre. Helen told us how useful the puppets are in teaching children. We enjoyed her little chat with her worm puppet friend about his life in the soil.

We were pleased to welcome so many new members and that they continue to enjoy our Wednesday afternoons.



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