Cancer Strollers Cosmeston



Amazingly blue, cloudless skies welcomed the living with cancer strollers to Cosmeston. A new walker joined the group and was quickly catching up with a staff member from Gwenfo School who knew her children…from a long time ago!!

‘J’ joined us again and is part way through a course of chemotherapy and welcomed the chance for some fresh air and a chat. The walkers basked in bright sunshine as they drank their various beverages at the end of the walk, a highlight of the activity for many!!



Valeways Stroller’s Autumn



Autumn has arrived but the Valeways strollers have been bathed in sunshine. The Living with Cancer Strollers welcomed a new walker at Cosmeston, and she found herself immersed in conversations with other walkers, as they enjoyed the lakes, trees and fields. Leaves were on the ground, but luckily dry paths were underfoot.



The Carers group enjoyed an exhilarating walk between Friars Point and Nell’s Point, along an empty Whitmore bay: the day before all the dogs were allowed to descend on the beach for the winter season. The rain stayed away which made chatting and catching up easier.


The Stress Buster strollers certainly had any cobwebs blown away as they walked through the Parade gardens to the Old Harbour, along the Cold Knap promenade and around the harp shaped lake.

Sunshine and cloudless skies cannot be promised, but a relaxing stroll in good company can be guaranteed! Join us!



Why Walk?



As the nights draw in, as the clocks go back, as the blue skies are replaced by grey clouds, as the drizzle is replaced by rain, as the shorts are replaced by waterproof trousers…….it is easy to think that your walking days are over for this year! Since COVID restrictions were lifted earlier in the year, the Living with Cancer Strollers at Cosmeston, Carers walk at Barry Island and Stress Buster stroll at the Knap have welcomed new members and everyone has been enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.


Anita Sethi, who wrote a book about walking along the Pennine Way, Britain’s oldest long distance footpath, has written: “Walking does wonders for well being and I walked until I could feel my limbs, the bones in my body, my heart beating, telling me I’m alive. When walking, I feel the emotions of anxiety and depression shift and lift…”

The walking groups do not tackle the 431kms of the Pennine Way, but there is no need to walk huge distances to feel the benefits of walking….in all weathers. So grab those walking shoes, a waterproof coat and bobble hat and join these strollers. ALL are welcome…come rain or shine!



A Stroll Around Cosmeston


A Stroll Around Cosmeston

A grey day did not dampen the spirits of the living with cancer strollers as they set off around Cosmeston. Two of the strollers were enjoying chatting so much, the rest of the group had to keep stopping to allow them to catch up….but isn’t that the point of these walks, to chat, to stroll, to get some fresh air and exercise? See you next time in Cosmeston at 10 30, the first Thursday of every month.



A Floral Safari


The strollers were promised a flora safari and were not disappointed with the multitude of flowers found in the fields around Cosmeston. Orchids grew in abundance next to the footpaths, and the more knowledgeable botanist walkers pointed out the different varieties. The warm, wet weather seems to have made it a bumper year for orchids. Take a look next time you are in Cosmeston, or join us on our next safari…who knows what we might find?




Strollers Under Blue Skies


The Living with cancer strollers met under blue skies and enjoyed the woodlands, wildlife, grasslands and lakes that Cosmeston has to offer. The group were chatting so happily as they stretched their legs, they did not even notice the extra steps they accomplished this month! Or did they? Ask them on the next walk, next month!






Cosmeston At Its Best


Able to meet for the first time since December 2020, the Living with Cancer Strollers gathered at Cosmeston under a clear sky.

Setting off around the country park, people chatted happily enjoying each other’s company after a long break. Cosmeston was at its best: calm waters in the lakes, birds swimming lazily through the water, dry paths underfoot and bluebells nestled in patches in the woods. May promised us voles and orchids and although lakes were inspected and hedgerows explored, neither could be found…..but there is always next month!

If you want to join this friendly group on a Cosmeston safari, meet us at 10.30am on the first Thursday of every month.



The Last Stroll Of 2020!


A robust, resolute, determined and committed group of walkers didn’t allow a bit of rain, a lot of puddles and a large amount of mud to get in the way of their last stroll of 2020! The strollers were surprised when they assembled at Cosmeston to find a man in a red suit with a large white beard and a horse trying to join the walk….he was allowed in the photo but not on the walk, as he should have been busy delivering presents!! Dodging mud and skipping over puddles seemed to be the main activity on the walk, though in a dry interlude mince pies were shared.

If you want to walk off the excesses of the Christmas season, meet us at Cosmeston for a relaxing walk in good company on the first Thursday of every month at 10 30am.


The Living with Cancer Strollers would normally enjoy a Christmas lunch together, but 2020 has not been a normal year, as everyone knows. So a Christmas stroll was planned to an eerily quiet Cardiff bay, where social distancing was easily achieved. We enjoyed the walk, but enjoyed the coffee and stollen, provided by Jill, overlooking the still waters of the Bay, even more!



November walk…in October


A gloriously sunny day greeted the Strollers as they gathered at Cosmeston for their November walk…in October. The walk was brought forward due to the “firebreak” announced by the Welsh Government coinciding with the date of the November walk. Everyone was pleased to have been given the opportunity to meet, to chat and to walk before the imminent local lockdown. Indeed, there was so much chatting going on it was difficult to keep everyone together!

There was some discussion about the world puddle jumping championship, which due to Covid restrictions has had to go virtual! The event is usually held at Wicksteed Park in Kettering, but this year entrants will have to submit videos of themselves jumping into puddles they have made or found. Entrants are judged on jumping ability, enthusiasm and splashing distance! Walkers were encouraged to have a go but no volunteers were forthcoming….

The Valeways walking programme has had to be suspended for the 2 weeks of the lockdown. However, for strollers that are lucky enough to live in the Vale, there are plenty of walks to go out and enjoy…and we will all meet up again soon!



Hippocratic Sense

Walking Is Man’s Best Medicine.

Hippocrates lived a long time ago, but he spoke a lot of sense when he said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” All the women who met at Cosmeston for the Living with Cancer Strollers, under a bright blue sky in glorious sunshine, would definitely agree with him.

In the uncertain times of a Covid 19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on people by local lockdowns, the certainties of the benefits of a walk in beautiful countryside can be reassuring.

In the photo accompanying this article, you can see some members of the walk deep in conversation, and I promise you this wasn’t posed! It’s what the walk is all about: relaxing in good company, chatting and laughing together, feeling the warmth of the sun (or the wet rain) on our face and feeling energised and a boost in mood when the walk is over. Come and join us!



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