Increase in burglaries


Increase in burglaries after covid restrictions eased

Watch has come across some information which could be useful to Residents as the Summer holiday season arrives.

Churchill Home Insurance has used its own data to calculate that 9M people have been burgled in their own home in the UK, many targeted more than once. There was a lull in reported burglaries due to the covid pandemic but cases increased towards the end of 2021 as households returned to work. There was an 11% increase in burglaries reported to police in the 4th quarter of 2021 compared with the 3 previous months.

Useful advice is:

  • Don’t advertise that your home is empty on social media.
  • When you go away make sure to cancel papers, milk etc. and fit timers to put on lamps or radios automatically.
  • Ask a neighbour or your Watch Co-ordinator, to keep an eye on your home.
  • Make sure doors and windows are locked and items like laptops can not be seen through a window.
  • Install security cameras or alarms.
  • Ensure you have an up-to-date insurance policy.


The full item can be seen at

Alan French



Back in Harness After 2 Years



Back in Harness After 2 Years







Watch Co-ordinators met for the first time in 2 years on 23 February 2022 in the Community Centre. The Chairman welcomed 6 new Co-ordinators who had joined during this time. He also welcomed 2 PCSO’s who were in attendance, one who had served Wenvoe in the past and the other who was new to the Force.

A new national website has been established to disseminate information and best practise. It works on a national, regional and local level. Wenvoe Co-ordinators are encouraged to register and it is understood members of the public can also register.

Vandalism and anti-social behaviour have occurred in various parts of Wenvoe. Teenage youngsters were responsible, some caught on surveillance camera resulting in Police visits to their homes. The PCSO’s at the meeting said the following action could be taken:

  • Call 101 or if very serious,999. Report date and time of incident.
  • A report can be sent to particularly if photo evidence is available. Numerous reports can result in a pattern emerging.


The existence of Wenvoe Community Support Group on Facebook was noted. Posts often are the first notification of potential criminal activity.

Problems with dogs were reported. The PCSO’s said that this was not a police matter unless a dog attacked a person. Dog problems can be reported to the Vale Dog Warden on 01466 700111.

There was also a report of car racing in the car park at the rear of the St Lythans Estate. Report to 101 if further occurrence.

Alan French



Covid Pass Scam Alert


The NHS COVID Pass was recently launched so people can show their COVID vaccine or test status, which might be needed to travel and gain entry to some events. Vaccine passes are completely free. You can download a digital version using the NHS app, or ask for a physical copy to be posted to you. Fraudsters have been sending out fake NHS branded emails, falsely inviting people to apply – and pay – for a pass. Don’t follow the links on these messages



Animals Out of  Control


Animals Out of  Control

We have had a report of a dog being exercised off the lead in the area of St Andrews Road and Burdons Hill. The owner does not appear to be in full control and the dog is reported to have aggressively fought with other dogs.

There is also a report of a horse being ridden in the same area with the rider not appearing to be in full control of the horse.

We suggest residents take extra care when walking in these areas.



Dog Thefts


A warning from the Vale web site. With Dog theft on the rise please see the safety advice below

  • Do not leave your dog outside or in kennels if unsupervised.
  • Always keep fences and gates secure.
  • Keep information of markings on your dog and take an up to date photograph.
  • If your dog has had puppies be mindful of advertising them on social media as criminals may see this.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended outside a shop.
  • Keep your dog as close to you as possible-when on a walk make sure they stay near and respond to your recall.
  • Do your research before buying a dog/puppy. Do not make any quick decisions and report anything suspicious to the Police.
  • Alternate the time you go and route you take when walking your dog. Criminals will notice patterns of behaviour.
  • Try to walk your dogs in an area visible to others and when it is light.
  • Use your surname and contact number on the dog’s collar rather than their name. Criminals could use the dogs name as a way of enticing them away from you.
  • Walk your dog with members of your household so you are not alone.
  • If your dog/puppy is kept outside, then invest in some preventative security measures such as CCTV or extra lightening.
  • Please report any suspicious behaviour to 101 or 999 in an emergency.


AGM Report Postponed


AGM Report

Our Watch AGM was due to be held in February 2021. Obviously, this is not now possible and it is necessary to continue as we are for the current year.

During 2020 we gave reports in What’s On for the months of March, September, October and November. The Watch Co-ordinators kept their eyes open for anti-social or criminal behaviour and will continue to do so. There is still a small amount of disturbing behaviour in Wenvoe and we ask all residents to be aware and report incidents to their Co-ordinator. If you do not know who your Co-ordinator is please contact our Secretary, Jackie Gauci, telephone number below.

We will continue to provide reports at intervals during 2021.

Our Officers are:

Chair: Alan French

Vice Chair:   Colin Thomas

Secretary/Treasurer:   Jackie Gauci. Tel. 07876 207843 or      

Alan French



Warning – Fake Mail Notifications


PC Gareth Jordan from Dyfed Powys Police states that they have become aware of fake Royal Mail notifications being sent out via email.

The scam involves an email which claims Royal Mail has tried to deliver a parcel – and then asks you to pay £1.99 to arrange redelivery. The style of the email and the low fee makes the scam appear legitimate. The email directs you to an official-looking page where you will be asked to give away your bank details.

Do not click on the link. Forward the email to (this reporting service is run by the National Cyber Security Centre and aims to take down fake websites).


  • Anybody who receives an email claiming to be from the Royal Mail must remember that they will never be asked to pay a redelivery fee.
  • Never input your bank or card information after following a link on any emails that claims it is from the Royal Mail, because it will result in your card details being stolen by criminals.
  • If you have reason to believe that you may have been tricked, it is essential that you contact your bank and cancel your card at once; additionally check your statements for any signs of unauthorised transactions.
  • If you have been the victim of a payment scam, report it to your local police.



Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe


Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe

Since our last report in October we have been made aware of acts of vandalism and crime occurring recently in Wenvoe.

  • New park being misused by teenagers.
  • Fly tipping in various lanes throughout the area with one incident being a van dropping the rubbish out of the back door as it was driving along Walston Road.
  • St Lythans Park and The Grange have been victims to house burglary, cars broken into and theft of garden lights.
  • A car parked on Walston Road had its petrol tank drilled and drained of fuel.
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). These silver canisters have been found in many areas around the village, Twyn yr Odyn and the golf course. This seems to be quite a problem all over Wales.


As a general point there seems to be more use of the footpaths around Wenvoe during the pandemic. Families with children are using the paths and dog walkers are reminded to ensure their dogs are kept under control on paths.

Call for Co-ordinators in St Lythans estate

The St Lythans estate is fully established and we urgently need more Co-ordinators for the estate. The role of a Co-ordinator is not onerous and would suit a person who is prepared to help their fellow residents. You are asked to keep an eye open in your local area or street in the estate, and in the event of any unusual or suspicious activity to inform the police or the Watch Secretary.

If you wish to help please contact Jackie Gauci, tel 07876 207843 or



Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe


Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe

We have been made aware of acts of vandalism and crime occurring recently in Wenvoe.

  • Patio doors damaged while the owners were out.
  • House door handles tried at night.
  • Cars vandalised.
  • Doorstep milk stolen.
  • Garden solar lights stolen. The thief emptied a garden waste bag onto the drive and stole the bag, presumably to carry away the lights.


These events have been localised to The Grange and St Lythams estates. Residents in the rest of Wenvoe are advised to be alert and report anything suspicious to their Watch Co-ordinator. If you do not know the name of your Co-ordinator please contact Jackie Gauci who can help on 07876 207843.

Call for Co-ordinators in St Lythams estate

The St Lythams estate is fully established and we urgently need more co-ordinators for the estate. The role of a Co-ordinator is not onerous and would suit a person who is prepared to help their fellow residents. You are asked to keep an eye open in your local area or street in the estate, and in the event of any unusual or suspicious activity to inform the police or the Watch Secretary. If you wish to help please contact Jackie Gauci, on 07876 207843 or



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