Defibrillator Location



AED – Automatic external defibrillator

The defibrillator located outside the Community Centre was collected recently to deal with a medical emergency. In the machine was not required and was later returned to its cabinet.

Would you know how to use the machine? Do you know how it works?

Even with very basic first aid knowledge you could successfully save somebody’s life. The machine talks you through each step. Why not have a look at one of the many online videos by searching ‘how do I use a defibrillator UK’ or similar wording, you will then at least be aware of what to expect from the defibrillator.

If you do have to use the machine please make certain the Community Council is informed. The machine can then be checked, new pads provided etc so that everything is available for any future emergency.



December Planning Updates

December Planning Updates


The following applications have been approved.

44 Walston Road. To install a raised platform/concrete base with wooden fence on top of a boundary wall.

Land at The Rectory, Wenvoe. Development of 12 dwellings and associated infrastructure

Outbuildings at Sutton Mawr, Waycock Road Change of use of existing outbuildings to ancillary residential accommodation

Land outside St Lythan’s Park, Old Port Road. Raising of canopy to tree 'T7'


The proposed diversions of footpaths 21 and 22 through The Grange site are to be the subject of a planning inspector’s enquiry to be held in April next year.

Low cost housing. Purchasers have to be first time buyers and are charged 70% of the purchase price. The other 30% is owned by the housing association but canplanningupdate be purchased from them. At the present time there are 3 properties at the Redrow site and 4 at the Bellway site available. Under the present rules these are only available for Vale residents and families including aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces. Before applicants are sought outside the area the council considered greater effort should be made to find local purchasers. The council agreed to discuss the possibility of seeking purchasers from the Cardiff area next spring after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Councillors received a report on a recent meeting between the Vale 106 officer, councillors and library representatives relating to replacing the library building.

The defibrillator should now be installed in its box outside the Community Centre and the initial demonstration on how the equipment is used will have taken place. If you would like to attend a demonstration on the use of this vital piece of equipment please contact the Clerk to the Council (see page 2) who will arrange an additional course(s) when he has sufficient numbers, usually around 20 participants.

Allotment wardens reported on a bonfire on the allotments that got out of hand and resulted in the attendance of the fire brigade to extinguish it.

The two fir trees on the Village Green have been removed resulting in an improved appearance of the area.