In Wenvoe our weekly collections for household waste and recyclable items are on Friday. This is the day we have to scurry out of bed early to put our bins and bags outside – as they have to be there before 7.00am, but you are not meant to put them out overnight as the paper and cardboard may become soggy […]

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2016-01-21 Council Minutes

MINUTES OF THE WENVOE COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING held on 21st January 2016 at 7.30pm at Wenvoe Community Centre   PRESENT: Cllrs. C.Frost (Chair), J.Bird, T.Case, N.Harmer, E. Jervis, V.Jervis, I. Moody, L. Owen, C.Thomas 1/16              APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. None. 2/16              DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST. None. 3/16              APPROVAL OF MINUTES. Resolved: That the minutes of the Council meeting 17th […]

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Grange Park

Play Area in Grange Park

Grange Park,   (not to be confused with The  Grange, the new development on the Port Road) has been a play area for many years and has recently been upgraded  and a new swing added.  There is also the new Wild Flower Garden which was prepared and planted by The Wenvoe Wildlife Group and members of the Wenvoe Environment Group which has […]

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