2016-01-21 Council Minutes



held on 21st January 2016 at 7.30pm at Wenvoe Community Centre


Cllrs. C.Frost (Chair), J.Bird, T.Case, N.Harmer, E. Jervis, V.Jervis, I. Moody, L. Owen, C.Thomas

1/16              APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.


3/16              APPROVAL OF MINUTES.
That the minutes of the Council meeting 17th December 2015 be approved.

4/16              POLICE MATTERS
CPSO Keiron Byrne, in attendance, explained he and PC Mark Goulding were now policing Wenvoe out of the Llantwit Major Police Station.

The period mid-December to mid-January saw only incident of note, the theft of clothing from the garden centre.

Cllr E. Jervis reported on an instance of vandalism to a vehicle in St. Lythans.

Resolved: CPSO Byrne be thanked for his attendance.

5/16              PLANNING MATTERS

(a)  New Planning Applications referred for consultation:

  Application No. Location & proposal Applicant
(i) 2015/01478/FUL



Style Gardens, Port Road, Wenvoe
Proposed alterations to the existing Style Garden Centreto include a single storey extension to the front of the


Garden Centre to provide a new and improved entrance

area; a single storey extension to the rear to accommodate

an enlarged coffee shop and the erection of a canopy over

the existing outdoor plant sales area at the rear of

Garden Centre

Resolved: Support.

Style Gardens Ltd.



(b)  Planning updates, previously reported applications:

  Application No. Location & proposal Applicant



























Land south of Old Port Rd/A4050 Roundabout, Culverhouse Cross
5 no. stand alone sale boards and 7 no. flags


McDonalds Restaurant, Valegate Retail Park,  Culverhouse Cross
Minor extension (11.5sqm)to accommodate an additional booth, for fast forward lane and improved operations.


Wenvoe Quarry, Wenvoe
Proposed continued implementation of planning permission No. 1999/00957/FUL without compliance with condition No. 2 which stated “No operation authorised by this permission, with the exception of restoration and after-careworks, shall take place after 27th. March 2016”.

Style Gardens Ltd.






McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd.






Cemex UK MaterialsLtd

Resolved: That the decisions of the Planning authority as above be noted.

Consideration was given to a report from the Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer detailing receipts and payments since that reported to the previous meeting of Council.
Resolved: Approved.

7/16              PRECEPT  and SCALE of CHARGES 2016/17
Consideration was given to the recommendations of the Finance Committee held 14th. January 2016.


(i)              That the minutes of the Finance Committee held as above be approved.(ii)             That the recommendations of the Finance Committee be accepted.
(iii)            That, as recommended by the Finance Committee, the Council’s precept 2016/17 be £26,000.

8/16              DRAFT LOCAL GOVERNMENT (WALES) BILL – Consultation
The Clerk reported on the above and an invitation to attend a Welsh Government Engagement Event 2nd February 2016.
Resolved: That the matter be referred for discussion to an informal meeting of all Members to be held 9th February 2016, 19.30hrs at the Community Centre.

9/16              CHAIRS URGENT MATTERS

10/16            HEALTH & SAFETY MATTERS
(a)  Whitehall Quarry – Vehicles routing southbound from St. Lythans Rd. via Old Port Rd. to Wenvoe village are turning in error towards the quarry.
Resolved: Clerk to contact Cemex regarding suitably placed signage north of the junction in question. 

(b)  Defibrillator – Clerk updated Council on quotations received. (Minute 133/15 (c) December 15 refers)
Resolved: Clerk to contact WG to enquire regarding possible sources of funding, Cllr Owen to make enquiries of the Ambulance Service.

(c)  Twyn-Yr-Odyn children’s play area, new swing seat still awaited – (Minute 109/15(a) October 15, 133/15 (c) December 15 refers)

 Resolved: Clerk make arrangements as necessary.

11/16            CORRESPONDANCE
(a) S106 –  update regarding correspondence from Vale Council officers regarding securing funding for a replacement library building.

(b) WG Play Sufficiency Assessment – Clerk to respond re play areas at The Twyn and the Grange.

(c) Holocaust Memorial Day – Events at Arts Central , Barry.

(d) Chapel Terrace proposed redevelopment –  update received from Newydd Housing.

(e) Mr S Jones, School House, Wenvoe, access licence (Minute 119/15 November 15 refers) – Legal exchange imminent.

(f)  WG Great War ongoing commemorations – Partnership Day invitation to attend.

(g) HM Queen’s 90th Birthday, WG invitation to light  beacons – Cllr Bird obtaining quotations for gas fired burners.

(h) VoG Rural Communities Development Fund, invitation to apply for funding – applications to be made in respect of car parking at the Community Centre and at Station Rd. playing fields.

(i) WG inviting applications for paid posts of Vice Chair and Independent Members to NHS Wales.

Resolved: All noted.

12/16            REPORTS OF CHAIRMAN, CLERK AND MEMBERS                   

                    The Clerk withdrew whilst the following matter was discussed


Clerk to the Council, Review – Chair updated Council regarding progress and that One Voice Wales had been engaged for the purpose.

Resolved: That the actions of the Chair be endorsed.