Overland to Jordan

THE ROAD TO PETRA As a teenager, I remembered my father telling me about Petra “the rose-red city half as old as time”. What a colourful description that was of the ruined city, carved out of rock in deepest Jordan that lay undiscovered until the 19th century. Years later in a long summer holiday, I found some friends from university […]

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A Deadly Game Of Catch

A Deadly Game Of Catch It was about three o’clock on a chilly morning and I was sitting in some bushes at the corner of a paddy field looking across into China from the Hong Kong side. The border was defined by a tall metal fence with razor wire at the top and apart from identifying the frontier, this impressive […]

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How Not To Climb A Mountain In Africa

How Not To Climb A Mountain In Africa I’ve so enjoyed reading about Lynne’s successful mountaineering exploits in recent editions of ‘What’s On’ that I’ve decided to (figuratively) put pen to paper to tell you about a spectacular failure. I have to take you, dear reader, back to East Africa where Lynne had her successes on Mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro […]

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