December Letters to the Editor



2016 Christmas Fair

Ipen-purple would like, through your page, to thank everyone who attended the Christmas Craft Fair on 27 th November in the Village Hall which was organised by Maria (Style A'Head hair salon owner) and myself. We had an amazing response, both from visitors and crafters and were so glad that it was such a success and so well attended by the village and beyond.

I would like to extend my enormous gratitude to my husband, family and friends for all of their help in setting up and helping the day go smoothly. There really would not have been a fair without them. Special thanks also go to Paul, Sue and Paige who served the refreshments so efficiently and enthusiastically. Thanks go too to the members of the Village Hall Committee who decorated the hall so beautifully which made it look really festive when all 30 tables were in place and groaning with crafts.

There will be two more Wenvoe Craft fairs in the village in 2017 organised by myself and my husband Mike – the first will be in May and the second will be another Christmas fair in Late November. Watch out for more information in the What's On in 2017.


Glenys Tucker,

Grange Avenue