Gardeners World Tips for January.

THE VILLAGE GARDENER Gardeners World tips for January. Establish new colonies of snowdrops by purchasing the plants in flower. Remove diseased leaves from helebores. Press mistletoe berries into apple tree bark to, hopefully, have your own supply in future. Check the alpines don’t become smothered by leaves. Continue to prune climbing roses while dormant. Environment team to do list. Check […]

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Private Gardens In The UK

Nature Notes Private Gardens In The UK Private gardens in the UK cover an area bigger than all the Nature Reserves combined, estimated at over 10 million acres. Just as our countryside and woodland is shrinking, so is the amount of garden space which wildlife can use as more gardens become wholly or partially paved over or covered with decking, […]

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Tips for December

The Village Gardener Tips for December Victoria of the Walled Garden. Tips for December. Secure your climbers to walls and supports. Tie up conifers to stop them spreading in high winds or snow. Prune apple trees by cutting out crossed branches and thinning out the middle. Stay off the soil in wet conditions to avoid compaction. Keep watering to a […]

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