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The Annette Bracey School of Dancing has had a busy year, so we thought it would be nice for you all to know what's been going on.

We are very proud to announce that you can now see our school professionally on Mr Tumble's DVD, from the TV Programme 'Something Special' on the episode 'Loud and Quiet'. It was filmed a little while ago now at our own Village Hall but still a joy to watch!

From the young, to the more mature student, whether it be Freestyle, Ballet, Street or Exercise, we try to cover it all. Our classes are run throughout the year at the Wenvoe Village Hall on a Saturday from 11:30am to 3:00pm (starting term on the 8th of September 2018) encouraging the younger through to all age groups. We are NATD qualified teachers teaching for enjoyment and through to qualifications in which we pride ourselves. We thrive on keeping up-to date with music trends and the challenge that provides.

It was so nice to see how well all the girls did in their exam session this year with distinctions in Ballet, Freestyle and Street. We concluded our term with a lovely Summer Concert, and it was so wonderful to see our ex-students at the concert well on their way to their careers in Performing Arts.

We have two school shows a year and also perform periodically in the West End of London.

If anyone would like to start, either from scratch or take up dance again, don't be shy! Give us a call and we would love to kick-start that experience and hear from you! Your initial trial class will be free as a taster session!

If you feel that age has pipped you at the post, why not try something else?

Annette is a qualified Zumba Instructor part of the ZIN network and has a Monday evening class starting in our Church Hall on the 10th September from 6:15-7:00pm which is a new Zumba Cardio class combining Freestyle, Toning and Sentão (incorporating chair-work). The music is fab and great for shifting those unwanted calories (consumed in the summer via those cheeky ice-creams!) helping you get ready for a little black

number over Christmas!

If you feel like something completely different again, why not try Annette's Balletcanetics class? This is very popular in numerous Cardiff Health Clubs and popularity is spreading! So, why not be part of the buzz and give it a go?!

We have two classes a week in the village, one on Monday evenings from the 10th September in the Church Hall from 7:00-7:45pm and one on a Wednesday evening in the Village Hall starting on the 12th September from 6:15pm-7:00pm.

Balletcanetics is really different from anything else, as it is done from a standing position, or a chair if required, to ensure you get the best out of your bodies without getting down onto the floor. It really does strengthen your core and give you a sense of wellbeing. Using the breathing essences of Yoga and Pilates and slow, controlled movements incorporating strengthening exercises from Ballet, it is a beautiful combination. Although it is slow and controlled, you do work, believe me! The ambience of the class is truly amazing; people find it invigorating and empowering where no one is too old to try.

If you would like a free trial class, just cut out this article from the Wenvoe What's On and bring it along to class with you to give it a go!*

*One free class entitlement per person.

For more information on any classes, upcoming events or to book any demonstrations, please call Annette on 07739535726, email us on or visit our


Dance and Exercise in Our Village




After teaching in this village for 20 years it still gives me pleasure to see that young-to more mature people are still kind enough to support

However, the children in the Dance School have achieved tremendous feats over the past 18months from being part of the "Mr Tumble" TV Programme ,

performing in Her Majesty's Theatre London West end and of course locally.

It is nice to think, see and know that some of the students have achieved professionally and can be seen in major productions and TV.

We specialize in nurturing and preparing the children socially ,physically and mentally for their future. All our exams are credited by "CDET" which means they gain points towards UCAS if they go to University or in fact to go on to teach dance or just use it for fitness and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on our standard and smaller personal classes in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Line Dancing . Age is not a barrier neither is ability . However adults are included too from Zumba on landdance02 to in water and now my new exercise formula that has had tremendous results.

Age and ability does not come in to it. Floor work is not necessary so bad knees or back problems are not an issue. All exercises are done from standing or indeed can be assisted by a chair or support. It teaches you through breathing control and correct Skeletal line how to use those all important "Core Muscles" everyone keeps mentioning these days.

By using the essence of Yoga and Tai Chi and Balance Exercises and Ballet stretches for core it sculpts and tones the body through slow movements . It uses all the muscle groups and helps your general posture and body alignment. Giving an overall amazing Well Being experience.

This new regime has been taken on by some major health clubs and proving very popular. People with mobility and some health issues really benefit too. You will burn calories and change shape in certain areas so come and try it for yourself and see what I mean. Call me on 07739535726 for details.


Or see my advert in the "Whats On"


Annette Bracey

NATD qualified and Zumba licensed