Tai Chi





tai-chi-02In Wenvoe we practise Tai Chi Yang style, a form with 3 parts – which I correlate to childhood, adulthood and mature adulthood. When you start you learn the 1st part and build up confidence before moving on to the later stages.tai-chi-01

Tai Chi is excellent for stress relief and teaches us to move from our centre, with slow flowing movements which encourage us to use a wide range of muscles in a relaxed way.

A number of people have asked me when the next Tai Chi beginners’ class is happening. I plan to start one in mid-February 2017 on a Wednesday evening at about 5.30pm. I keep beginners in their own class so that we can progress as a group. This is likely to be the last beginner’s course I take in Wenvoe as I plan to retire once it is complete after more than 20 years of teaching.

If you would like to join us please contact me – Annie on 02920 593570.