February Letters




Dear Community Council,

Upon reading January’s CC News, your article
mentioned the brief update regarding the planned
scheme for a Solar Farm at Parc Worlton. (name
spelt incorrectly by CC).

This is just an observation but having lived in
this area for over 40 years I can say that I didn’t
know and wouldn’t have known its location from
your news update. I appreciate this is not the first
mention; however, as articles/meetings can be
missed clarity on location should be paramount.
There are concerns that many residents will
overlook the scale and size of such a proposal
because they are not aware of where it is to be
positioned eg in a Special Landscape Area right on
their doorstep. Parc Worlton is a historic name
which is being used as a development name and
does not reflect that it is in Dyffryn and is far
reaching towards Barry. Not only that but when
cumulatively added to other proposed Solar Farms it
covers more than 700 acres of used farmland
between St. Nicholas, Dyffryn & Barry and will
totally change the landscape for the next 40 years.
Whilst I accept the CC may wish to remain
neutral on this subject I would like to think that they
have a duty to the community to be as informative as
they can about projects of this scale, size and
location. If topics such as this cannot be
communicated through your platform do you have
any suggestions where it can?

You are more than welcome to circulate or print
these observations.

Kind regards,


(For information here is a plan of the proposed development

and further information can be found here:-

Parc Worlton Solar Farm, Dyffryn (parcworlton-pac.co.uk)