August Letters


My last Sunday School

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the children and Parents of Pebbles and the congregation of St. Mary’s for all the good wishes, cards and presents I received after my last Sunday School. It’s been a privilege to work with such wonderful children and their very supportive parents. I look back over the past 12 years with a huge smile on my face as I remember all the fun times we had, especially on Mothering Sunday and Christmas time. Who’d have thought the Incredible Hulk and Bat Man could be part of the Nativity! So, thank you again for being part of those memories which I shall always treasure.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our neighbours in the village for their kindness, moral support and practical help during Judy’s long illness and since her death on July 5th.

Keith Bryant

Kind Regards, Alison x


Here are some items of interest which appeared on the Wenvoe Community Facebook page.

Graffiti appeared on the footbridge the night of the 5th of August.

Many houses in the Redrow estate reported images of a cyclist trying car doors at 6:30 am on the 6th of August.

On the 16th August the Wenvoe Arms had cooking oil stolen from their backyard.

All these incidents have been reported to the police and some with photographic evidence and positive outcomes.

We all need to be aware of anti-social and potentially criminal incidents. Report to the police and also let Wenvoe residents know via Neighbourhood Watch and our Facebook page. We are all stronger as a strong community!

Thank you NHW


I think that What’s On should be politics free. Allowing a column by Andrew R T Davies is unacceptable unless you have balancing contributions from Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid and the Greens.



I would like to question the scope of our Wenvoe What’s On. As I understand it this is a local magazine for current (and former) residents of our community which, crucially, I believed was politically independent.

I was dismayed to see the Conservative party-political article written by Andrew RT Davies, in the August edition. If the magazine wishes to stray into politics it needs to be fair and equitable and I would also expect to see articles penned by the Welsh Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, Green Party etc. As the elected member of the Senedd for Vale of Glamorgan, can we expect an article from Welsh Labour’s Jane Hutt?

Waiting times in the NHS are clearly of concern; a strong, well funded and supported NHS should be the backbone of our society.

However, in my opinion, Andrew RT Davies’ article was biased and misleading and an attempt to score political points against the current Welsh Labour Senedd administration. Perhaps the Right Honourable Mr Davies, would also like to comment on the state of the English NHS where responsibility lies with the UK’s Conservative Government?

Please may I ask,in what capacity is Andrew RT Davies writing in our local magazine and as it is entitled a column, is it envisaged this will be a regular feature of future What’s Ons?

Whatever your political persuasion (or non), balance and objectivity is key to a thriving democracy.



You’ve probably received other messages about the inclusion of a column written by Andrew RT Davies, in the latest What’s On.

I have enjoyed many years of reading this magazine and one of the nice things about it is the absence of political themes.

If this column is to become a regular feature then surely you must find Labour, Plaid, LibDems, and Green Party members to make contributions too?

Or is the magazine going to become politicised just for the Conservative voters?

Denise Miles


I have always enjoyed receiving and reading Wenvoe Whats On and have appreciated the hard work that goes into producing the magazine every month. In that context I wonder if you can tell me if the Wenvoe Whats On non political and non religious policy has changed. I was very surprised to see an article from Andrew R T Davies in this months issue. It was called his column (without saying who he is) suggesting this was going to be a regular feature. The facts are that we have a labour led Senedd, a labour led Vale of Glamorgan council and a labour led AM for our area. Of course we have a local Conservative councillor. So if your policy has changed then there surely needs to be a political balance in the Whats On content.

I would prefer Whats On to remain non political as it has been for the 20 years we have lived in Wenvoe. If that’s not now the case I do think there needs to be an explanation in next month’s Whats On.

I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work.