November Letters


I would like to thank all who came to the funeral service of June. The support was magnificent and much appreciated at this time of my loss of June. My thanks to the vicar who took the service and to the church members who organised the details of the church and decorations etc. Everyone without exception agreed that the ceremony was full of love. June, a local girl was truly very well thought of by the village and beyond. So again many thanks to the Villers, friends and family support.

Roger Davis





I was slightly amused to see the letters of outrage by those who objected to the article by Andrew Davies MS in the September edition of WWO. Some years ago, I was helping the WWO team by supplying front-cover articles and I asked our local Member of the Senedd – Jane Hutt to write for us. I must confess to being a Conservative ( a little tricky sitting here the day after the Chancellor was sacked and Liz Truss under great pressure!) but I felt that it was appropriate to have our local Assembly / Senedd representative have her say. The fact that Jane is a Labour party member did not matter. There were some who objected at that time. So, in the end, it could be said that we are square with both parties having had space in our splendid magazine.

Alun Davies DL