February Updates

Planning Updates.

The following application have been approved:-

• 17 Old Port Road. Work on a tree in the Wenvoe Conservation area.

• Wenvoe Quarry. Proposed recycling facility

• St Lythan’s Park. Amendment to brick type from red multi to buff. (Effects property still to be constructed)


The council had a presentation by Mr M. Clogg, Operations Manager Highways. Following concerns about traffic through the village and the hazard s of crossing the road near the Walston Castle new traffic surveys are taking place. The new traffic lights at Brooklands Terrace are being monitored, Cardiff Traffic Division who have the overall view of traffic flows through Culverhouse Cross and surrounding roads adjust the sequences to maintain best throughput of traffic. The major road works are aimed at encouraging the use of public transport. Numerous comments were made from local observations of the problems encountered at this junction.

School parking and its associated problems for the village and especially the local residents living close to the school. Mr Clogg promised to have his monitoring team to examine the situation and see if they can suggest ideas to help alleviate the problems.

The problem of the surface water just below the entrance to St Lythans Park, which freezes in icy weather, is due to a BT culvert flooding problem which will be resolved. The bus shelter at St Andrews Road, destroyed by a car, is the subject of an insurance claim being argued by loss adjusters. A temporary solution will be sought until the claim can be resolved.

Mr Clegg and his department will examine the list of other local road concerns raised by the council.

The Rural Regeneration Grant sought for the library is still awaited. A request for the delivery profiles raises hope that we are nearing the conclusion to the application.

The community meeting on the future of the church hall was reported upon. Around 50 to 60 people attended the meeting with the rector describing his vision for the church and the poor state of the present hall. There was no overall support for any suggestions made. As this is the centre of the village conservation area numerous residents were against selling the hall for housing. The church was questioned over their right to dispose of the hall as it was gifted by the Castle Estate to the church, others questioned whether the village needed another hall if the church built their extension, parking problems if additional housing came to the area. Although not meant to be part of this meeting concerns were made by a number of the public present about the construction of a new hall on the side of the church nearest Walston Road and the loss of the present beautiful aspect of the church and grounds. The Council decided a small working party would examine certain aspects before making any decision over their final position as regards the hall.

Dog fouling is starting to be a local problem. There are increased reports of owners not clearing up their pets even allowing them to foul outside the school gate. Owners can face on the spot fines for not removing their dog’s mess. Please either challenge owners or report them if such incidents are witnessed.

The increasing amounts of litter appearing on Old Port Road, north of the Walston Castle, will be reported to the Vale. There is a community litter pick planned for Saturday 3rd March starting at 10.00am from the Community Centre. It was reported that the yellow signs posted along Port Road, and other locations, at the start of the year encouraging drivers to take more care over the disposal of their litter was very successful in reducing the amount of littering and will be repeated in the future.

Concerns were raised at the possible high levels of nitrous oxide levels near the school area. It was reported that there are two known areas within the Vale of high levels and monitoring across the whole Vale regularly takes place.

The surfacing of the footpath between Clos Llanfair and The Grange is now complete and usable, a kissing gate has also been installed. If the gate is preventing the passage of your pram, pushchair or mobility scooter please contact the clerk to the council so the matter can be resolved.