Co-ordinators Meeting Report


Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on October 11 and items from the discussions included:

We have worked with the Community Council in planning and organising the Welcome Evening for newer residents to the village. These residents are mainly in the three developments in the village: The Grange, St Lythams Park and Cambrian Park. We strongly encourage them to join Wenvoe Neighbourhood Watch. More details can be obtained from our Secretary Jackie Gauci, tel 2132 8539

The “First Responders” scheme mentioned in the Watch report in the August edition of What’s On has just started in the Vale. Co-ordinators from Wenvoe have yet to be included.

We received information about the Strong Communities Grants available through the Vale Council. Over £600,000 can be bid over the next 3 years for projects large or small, which strengthen local communities. We decided that we were not in a position at the moment to make a bid.

Some of our Co-ordinators are applying to join the Ringmaster system operated by the Safer Vale Partnership. This sends e-mail messages about possible criminal activities in parts of the Vale, such as a number of burglaries or current scams. We can then advise Wenvoe residents if necessary.

We heard about individuals seen stealing water from a water company pipe. This was reported to the police for action. We also heard about youngsters climbing onto the roof of the Community Centre, often at weekends. This was reported to Councillors for action.

The electricity supply to outlying parts of Wenvoe is sometimes interrupted causing problems for vulnerable people whose sole energy supply might be electricity. We were told that there is a system for priority reconnection. Residents who feel this might apply to them can ask to register on 0800 0328301.

Alan French



June Meeting Report




Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on June 29 and items from the discussions included:

We have continued our efforts to encourage Residents of The Grange estate to become active in the Watch. In March letters about Neighbourhood Watch were delivered to the occupied homes in the estate and personal contact has been made where possible. These have resulted in 5 responses from residents, all of whom are concerned about safety in the estate but so far, no co-ordinators have come forward. We propose to contact the final homes when occupied and are prepared to contribute if any wider initiative occurs.

We are disappointed that the PCSO nominated for Wenvoe has changed so often recently and is rarely seen in the village. This appears to be a problem in other parts of the Vale and is not confined to us.

In conjunction with St John’s Ambulance, a scheme has been introduced in other parts of the country to train residents to become voluntary “First Responders” who could give simple first aid in an emergency until the ambulance service arrives. The Vale Neighbourhood Watch Committee intend introducing a similar system in the Vale and we wish to contribute. Training would be offered to Watch Co-ordinators.

Unsolicited fliers from rogue traders are being pushed through letterboxes in the Vale and they are usually put out for recycling immediately. However, an incident has occurred in the Vale where an elderly person replied to such a flier and eventually lost a large sum of money. The Vale are collecting evidence to enable prosecutions to be made. If Wenvoe Residents receive this type of flier would they please keep it and inform their Watch Co-ordinator who will pass it on to the Vale.

Concern was expressed about the safety of Residents using the Cardiff to Barry bus stop at the Beefeater (formerly the Walston Castle) roundabout. It is extremely difficult to safely cross the road to and from the bus stop. We were told that the Community Council had raised the matter with the Vale and action was expected.

Alan French




Watch Co-ordinators





Watch Co-ordinators met on Wednesday 26 October 2016

Walston Close, Greave Close and Port Road. New Co-ordinators have volunteered for these roads. We greatly appreciate their help.

Clos Llanfair. – A Co-ordinator is needed for this road.

Neighbourhood Watch is a national organisation where individuals in a community offer to keep alert for any suspicious activity in their areas. In Wenvoe we aim to have a Co-ordinator for each road in the village and we encourage Co-ordinators to introduce themselves to the residents in their areas. There is an Annual General Meeting held about February to which any Resident is invited. There are also 2 meetings in a year for Co-ordinators.

If you are interested in being a Co-ordinator please contact Jackie Gauci on 2132 8539 or Alan French on 2059 8092.

We would like to include residents in The Grange and St Lythan’s estates in the scheme and are considering the best way this can be achieved.

It was reported that small, empty cylinders about the size of a hand torch, had been found on Grange Field. They might have been used to sniff a gas and this was reported to the police.


Alan French






Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on July 1 and were pleased that PCSO Russell Evans was able to be present. Items from the discussions included:

A number of vacancies for Co-ordinators have occurred and attempts will be made to fill them by contacting residents in the localities. We hope that residents will feel able to help; the main requirement is to be aware of activity in your immediate locality and act as a method of communication to report incidents. Being aware is one of the best deterrents for criminals. The time required is minimal and you do not have to come to meetings unless you wish to do so.

We were introduced to the term “creeping burglar”. This is a criminal who moves around an area, usually in the early hours of the morning, trying door handles, looking through windows and trying gates. He, or she, is looking for anything which can be useful if stolen. The advice for Wenvoe residents is to make sure valuable items are out of sight and door and window locks are fastened.

Distraction burglary is another common term, often used when two or more criminals call on residents in their homes. One distracts attention and the other steals. Advice to Wenvoe residents is to only let people you know into your home.

Vehicle parking in Wenvoe is a continual problem. PCSO Evans advised us that parking around the school has improved and he patrols the area as often as possible. He has also provided advice to residents in the Rectory Close area about the parking problems there.

PCSO Evans told us that police surgeries would be starting in Wenvoe very soon where residents could discuss any policing matter with him or a colleague.

Alan French


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