Historical Choir Photo


This photograph was taken by Suzanne Cook in the late 1980s early 1990s at St. David’s Methodist Church, Barry. The choir gave a concert for church members of hymns and songs from the shows .

Left to right top row. Ann Armstrong, Jean Williams, Maureen Hunt, Barbara (?), Mary Cook, Sylvia Fussell, Mrs. Fry, Mal T Jones, Roma Greenwood, Francis Rush.

Middle row. Pat (?), Peggy Williams, Esme Watts, Shirley (?), Pam Williams, Betty Wright. (Choir Mistress)

Bottom row. Sisters Christine and Mavis, and Phyllis Crump.

Several ladies have passed on now, but we have happy memories of many events including the Christmas concert in the hall, the Spring concert and the Christmas parties (all held after Christmas as everyone was too busy before the big day). The choir made many visits to care homes and churches in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The choir is still in operation but due to the pandemic it is on hold until a later date. The photograph also brings back memories of Carol Moody and Thelma Nash who could not attend that evening. I hope I haven’t missed anyone else.

Mary Cook.