Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe


Vandalism and Crime in Wenvoe

We have been made aware of acts of vandalism and crime occurring recently in Wenvoe.

  • Patio doors damaged while the owners were out.
  • House door handles tried at night.
  • Cars vandalised.
  • Doorstep milk stolen.
  • Garden solar lights stolen. The thief emptied a garden waste bag onto the drive and stole the bag, presumably to carry away the lights.


These events have been localised to The Grange and St Lythams estates. Residents in the rest of Wenvoe are advised to be alert and report anything suspicious to their Watch Co-ordinator. If you do not know the name of your Co-ordinator please contact Jackie Gauci who can help on 07876 207843.

Call for Co-ordinators in St Lythams estate

The St Lythams estate is fully established and we urgently need more co-ordinators for the estate. The role of a Co-ordinator is not onerous and would suit a person who is prepared to help their fellow residents. You are asked to keep an eye open in your local area or street in the estate, and in the event of any unusual or suspicious activity to inform the police or the Watch Secretary. If you wish to help please contact Jackie Gauci, on 07876 207843 or