Neighbourhood Watch Update

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Watch Co-ordinators were due to hold a meeting in July 2020 but this had to be cancelled due to the virus pandemic. However, they have still been alert during the last 4 months and report the following incidences.

  1. Fly tipping in various lanes around the village.

Many residents will have been on walks during the lockdown and seen rubbish dumped in our lanes. This is difficult to combat; individuals must be seen in the act and evidence produced.

  1. People jumping a fence on Port Road carrying power tools.
  1. An individual ‘checking’ a private CCTV camera in Station Road.

Residents are asked to be aware of bogus callers, particularly those wishing to enter your house.

  1. Car theft at Wenvoe Golf Club between the hours of 4:00-5:00am. CCTV images of the person have been sent to the police.

There is a Co-ordinator for every street in Wenvoe. If you do not know who your Co-ordinator is contact Jackie Gauci on 07876 207843 or

Alan French