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Meet the author.

Wednesday 15th January,

7pm upstairs in the Wenvoe Arms.

Iain Pate “A Journey in Flavours”

Iain spent a 25-year career in sales & marketing in the Flavour industry where he worked for two of the top international flavour houses and a family owned international herb & spice extractor. He worked through the 1980s and 1990s where new products were launched weekly and product innovation drove the food & drink markets. Iain had a fascinating job where new things could be learned every day.

During this time, he worked with many of the major food and drink companies across all product areas and across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Iain has had the pleasure of working with many interesting people and quite a few characters, some of whom feature in his presentation and ALL of whom are real people (although some names have been changed!!).

In this talk Iain will explain what flavourings are, how and why they are needed and how they are used. He’ll examine how food trends have changed, some interesting products that have come and gone from the market and ideas that didn’t make it with a brief look at additives and E numbers. If you eat and drink anything you will find this interesting!!

The presentation will have woven within it some entertaining TRUE stories that happened to Iain and his colleagues that are humorous, entertaining and embarrassing. It is also a tale of companies he was proud to work for and who were interested in looking after their employees. This is an affectionate portrait of a time gone by, and Iain guarantees that you will be entertained!

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Following our successful trips over the last year, we have several more planned for you in 2020. These include the Hay Festival, the Royal Welsh Spring Show, and Gloucester for Christmas. Watch this space.

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