RHS ‘must do’ List for May


RHS garden 'must do' list for May

1. Open greenhouse vents and doors.

2. Earth up potatoes and plant any remaining.

3. Plant out Summer bedding at the end of the month. As long as Derek the weather man gives his ok.

4. Water early in the morning and late at night to get the most out of your water. Recycle water where you can.

5. Regularly hoe off weeds. Best done in dry weather as they will die off quicker.

6. If you can manage it, mow the lawns weekly.

7. Watch out for late frosts. Protect young plants.

8. Check for nesting birds before attempting any hedge work.

9. Lift and divide clumps of Daffs and other spring bulbs.

10. Watch out for Viburnam beetle and Lily beetle grubs.

This may not seem to ring true but it's time to sow next year's Spring bedding, including Pansies, Wallflowers and Daisies. This needs to be done by July to be certain of flowering next Spring. Any winter bedding can be sown as well.

We can remove faded Spring bedding to make way for Summer plants. Divide Hostas as they begin to grow and plant out Dahlia and Canna lily when we've had the last of the frosts.

Apply a liquid feed to Spring bulbs after they have flowered. You can dead head them but don't touch the leaves as you need to allow them to die back.

Lawns have taken a hammering over winter and and will take a while to recover, especially those in shaded areas. A couple of people have had their lawns relaid which could be a regular theme unless you improve the soil that you're laying the turf on. As with most things it's all about the preparation. Seeding or turf laying towards the end of May can be a struggle due to the drier weather as you have to keep the soil moist. Mr Darlington (who must be an expert on lawn care) cuts his grass throughout the year at least once a week, always uses an edging shears and, to be fair, his grass is immaculate. If you use one of those edging spades then once a year should be enough and then use an edging shears. Otherwise your lawn will start to shrink.

2017 saw a marked increase in infection from insect bites. If the bite or sting doesn't clear up in the time you would expect it to, increases in size or becomes very red and inflamed you should seek medical attention quickly as it could be Cellulitis which can lead to Sepsis. Be safe and cover up.

The Wild Life Group will be present at the Wenvoe Spring Craft Fair on May 20th (the proceeds for the raffle at this fair goes to the Wenvoe Wildlife Group so come and along and buy your tickets). They will be able to give you lots of information about the tremendous work they do in the area and places to visit. One member of their Group, Gwyndaf Breese, (probably the best wood worker you will ever see) will be showing his work on a table at the entrance on the day. The Village Gardener will also be in attendance on the day so if you have any questions I'll point out some of Wenvoe's best gardeners to advise you.

Most gardeners love to share their knowledge and none more so than Clive Phillips. Clive can be found having lunch most days at our local garden centre [Pughs]. All of the staff know him so he'll be easy to find. Honestly, a more approachable man would be hard to find.

Although the work to improve the pavements through the centre of the village took away some of the floral Spring display, the show of daffodils have been wonderful. If previous years are anything to go by we can look forward to some beautiful gardens around the village .

Take care and happy gardening.