Co-ordinators Meeting Report


Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on October 11 and items from the discussions included:

We have worked with the Community Council in planning and organising the Welcome Evening for newer residents to the village. These residents are mainly in the three developments in the village: The Grange, St Lythams Park and Cambrian Park. We strongly encourage them to join Wenvoe Neighbourhood Watch. More details can be obtained from our Secretary Jackie Gauci, tel 2132 8539

The “First Responders” scheme mentioned in the Watch report in the August edition of What’s On has just started in the Vale. Co-ordinators from Wenvoe have yet to be included.

We received information about the Strong Communities Grants available through the Vale Council. Over £600,000 can be bid over the next 3 years for projects large or small, which strengthen local communities. We decided that we were not in a position at the moment to make a bid.

Some of our Co-ordinators are applying to join the Ringmaster system operated by the Safer Vale Partnership. This sends e-mail messages about possible criminal activities in parts of the Vale, such as a number of burglaries or current scams. We can then advise Wenvoe residents if necessary.

We heard about individuals seen stealing water from a water company pipe. This was reported to the police for action. We also heard about youngsters climbing onto the roof of the Community Centre, often at weekends. This was reported to Councillors for action.

The electricity supply to outlying parts of Wenvoe is sometimes interrupted causing problems for vulnerable people whose sole energy supply might be electricity. We were told that there is a system for priority reconnection. Residents who feel this might apply to them can ask to register on 0800 0328301.

Alan French