August Miscellany


The Village Show Sept 9th at the Community centre is a must for all villagers. You will see a range of talents from the folk of this parish,its quite unbelievable what some of these people can do. Please go along, these local events take a lot of organisation and foot fall is so important.

At the end of July the allotment holders held a Gardeners Question Time in the Wenvoe Arms. The panel of Joyce, Phil, Trevor and a representative from Pughs Garden Centre answered any queries and Phil brought along samples of produce from his plot. It was entertaining and long may it continue.

We will soon be thinking of Autumn Weed and Feed for our lawns. Don't use any of the product you have been using in the spring or summer as this will have to much nitrogen and will encourage top growth which is not good for this time of year. When applying don't put any more on the grass than the instructions say. If using a spreader check the flow rate. I am as guilty as others for not checking or watering well enough if we have a dry spell after distribution.

If anyone has a potted shrub they no longer want then the environment team would be interested. We will gladly collect and use them to fill in gaps around village.

When the team met on the 7th August Ian Moody put us to work on the village green. While working next to the war memorial two boys of about 10 were talking to each other. One said 'I think that’s a memorial to World War 2' then, on inspection, he said 'no it's not, it's to World War 1.' The other boy then asked 'where's the one for World War 3?'

There will be a lot of shrubs to be cut back at this time of year but be careful as shrubs that flower in spring should be left alone for now. These should be cut back after they flower in the Spring, just after flowering. If you have the patience and room, scoop up autumn leaves, dampen if dry and put into bin bags. Make a couple of holes for aeration and put them away (maybe behind a garden shed) until next autumn. It might seem hard to believe but you will

then have the very best compost for bulbs. When you consider the cost of compost to buy its a good option.

Taking cuttings at this time of year can be very productive and fuschias are very reliable, Take about 4 to 5 ins of new growth, cut just below a joint and leave the top two leaves in place. Dip in rooting compound and pot up. Rose cuttings are a bit hit and miss but they are great if they take. Just cut about 10 to 12 ins of new growth and trim the bottom at a bud. Take an inch off the top, strip the leaves and push into soil to half its length. It will take a long while before it takes but is fantastic if it does.

Going into the Autumn, fences should be checked for loose or rotting panels and posts. A quick fix now will save being out there in high winds, grappling with panels that think they ought to be anywhere other than in your garden.

September is harvest time. Allotments, fruit gardens and veg patches are at their best. There is so much to be had by sharing the spoils with good friends and neighbours. It is one of lifes great pleasures.

Happy gardening