March Planning Updates


Planning updates


The following applications have been approved.

4, Station Road West, Wenvoe  – Retention of Garden Store/Hobby room

 2, Burdons Close,  – Installation of UPVC window to rear wall of garage

 36, Goldsland Walk,  – Conversion of integral garage to living accommodation

 Dyffryn Gardens, St. Nicholas  – Charging shed for site vehicles and proposed alterations to compost bays and concrete apron.

The council discussed the problems being encountered by unthoughtful parents parking vehicles especially at the end of the school day. There are incidents of cars parking on pavements leaving no room for prams to pass, damaging grass verges, parking on yellow lines at road corners which were installed to allow children to cross the road safely, parking so they prevented the use of drop kerb areas, preventing users of the Village Hall exiting the car park etc. School parking is a problem throughout the county because certain parents feel to have to park as close to the school as possible are not prepared to walk any further than necessary. The police will be requested to attend occasionally when possible and issue warnings etc. Protection of the grass verges will be investigated.

The new junction at Brooklands Terrace is expected to come into use in early March, four weeks behind schedule. Hopefully the signal timings will allow for a smooth flow of traffic and public transport around Culverhouse Cross.

The trees in Grange Avenue have been trimmed, and one felled, making them safer without having to fell them all