Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators met on July 1 and were pleased that PCSO Russell Evans was able to be present. Items from the discussions included:

A number of vacancies for Co-ordinators have occurred and attempts will be made to fill them by contacting residents in the localities. We hope that residents will feel able to help; the main requirement is to be aware of activity in your immediate locality and act as a method of communication to report incidents. Being aware is one of the best deterrents for criminals. The time required is minimal and you do not have to come to meetings unless you wish to do so.

We were introduced to the term “creeping burglar”. This is a criminal who moves around an area, usually in the early hours of the morning, trying door handles, looking through windows and trying gates. He, or she, is looking for anything which can be useful if stolen. The advice for Wenvoe residents is to make sure valuable items are out of sight and door and window locks are fastened.

Distraction burglary is another common term, often used when two or more criminals call on residents in their homes. One distracts attention and the other steals. Advice to Wenvoe residents is to only let people you know into your home.

Vehicle parking in Wenvoe is a continual problem. PCSO Evans advised us that parking around the school has improved and he patrols the area as often as possible. He has also provided advice to residents in the Rectory Close area about the parking problems there.

PCSO Evans told us that police surgeries would be starting in Wenvoe very soon where residents could discuss any policing matter with him or a colleague.

Alan French