pen01Letters to the Editor


Village Show


Congratulations and thanks to all involved in the Village Show – another very successful day where villagers could mingle and admire each other's skills.

Anne Bennett



Church Hall Sale.


I was surprised to read in What's On that St Mary's is planning to sell the Church Hall and build an alternative facility within the church.

The Church is in the centre of the village and any changes to the facade facing the street would almost certainly spoil an essential part of the conservation area.

The hall is a village amenity as well as a church hall, it is hired by several groups regularly and of course it can be used after funerals and the like. Will the proposals also fulfil this need of the community?

I can appreciate that a room within the church may be easier to administer but is it really going to make that much difference?

I have heard a number of people disagreeing with the plan so thought I should write to What's On.

Name and address supplied