The Heatwave Challenge


It has been a challenge to all gardeners trying to keep all their plants alive during the heatwave and the community plants are no exception, but some devoted members of our team are managing to do a bit of watering. This lovely weather has its’ downside for we who long for some good solid rain. Watering is hard work, especially at the allotments where hosepipes are not allowed.

At our July meeting all the roses were pruned. No meeting in August.

Our team were saddened to learn of the death of Len Currie, known to us all as Len 2. A long time member of the team, he turned out when his health permitted and it was a privilege to have known him



5 Community Green Flag Awards


So Wenvoe has its 5 Community Green Flag awards with the addition this year of the Wild Orchard at St Lythans. This puts us ahead of many towns in Britain and even several cities. It is a great achievement and down to the efforts of a small handful of volunteers and our principal partners, the Reader family, the Community Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Dare we go for 6 next year? The site is there but we will have a lot of work to get it ready to meet the exacting requirements of the Green Flag judges – see photo.

The dry weather has taken its toll of the trees and shrubs, although most of the fruit trees should survive provided we get some proper rain – soon! The Victoria Plum at the Community Orchard has succumbed and will be replaced in the Autumn. A new bare-rooted hedgerow at Goldsland has not survived and we are still waiting to plant out the wildflower plug plants (which have been potted on) when the ground softens up. The pond in the Community Orchard has never been so low and there is insufficient water in the adjacent stream to top it up.

With the focus on fungi, funded by Grow Wild, we have constructed and filled a series of raised beds at Goldsland and seeded some with mycelium which should sprout up into mushrooms in the Autumn. Some, we hope, will turn up naturally. Next month we shall be announcing the details of some competitions – photography, art and crafts with fungi as the theme.



February Meeting


After so many rainy Mondays we managed to have a meeting in February. The roses on the village green were pruned and the window boxes a.t the community centre were prepared for the next lot of plants. These boxes are in need of replacement and we are considering getting plastic troughs which will be more durable than the wooden ones. It was decided that the azalea should be planted on the village green. That has now been done and the shrub was already in bud. Thanks again to the donor. Next meeting on March 12th.



Rain Stopped Play!


Our January meeting had to be abandoned due to severe weather. To the gentleman who donated a very large azalea to be planted out in the village, let me assure you it is being well looked after, but again the weather has been against us but as soon as possible it will be planted, probably on the verge opposite the bottom of Pound Lane. We will try for another meeting on 12 February.



Autumn Cleanup



In the churchyard work was done on clearing nettles and weeds from on the reconstructed wall. By the time you read this piece, the window boxes at the Community Centre will have been cleared of the remnants of the summer bedding, to be replaced by winter pansies and bulbs.


Next meeting 11th December, usual time.



Village Green Planting


We have started work on the Village Green this month planting some new shrubs and young trees. We will be pleased to hear from you of any work around the village that you think the team are able to carry out. Any suggestions will be considered and may be left in one of the What’s On boxes or can be mentioned to one of the team. This month we meet on the 4th and 18th, as usual at 9.30 at the Community Centre.



Phil Morant Steps Down


As a result of the first heavy rain in weeks the team’s meeting on May 15 was cancelled. We’ll try again on June 12th.

The team will miss our founder/member Phil Morant who has decided to step down after years of faithful service. We are grateful for Phil’s dedication to making our village the pleasant environment in which we live. Thank you Phil from your team.

March Activities


A lovely morning in March and a good turnout for our team. We split the group with one half spending time at St Lythans pump area which was badly overgrown and 4 green bags were filled with debris – brambles, weeds etc. and more is waiting to be collected by one of us.

The other half of the team were busy forking the rose bed at the community centre.

Our next meeting will be on April 10th at 9.30 a.m.

In the meantime suggestions from the community as to possible future work for the team can be left for consideration in one of the What’s On boxes.






St Lythan’s Pump



The team met last month to discuss possible future projects and I have been approached to consider looking at the pump near St Lythans Church which is in need of attention. I’ve been up to have a look and indeed the area is sadly neglected and overgrown. I remember being involved in a clean up, but that was years ago. At our next meeting which will be on March 13 we will meet at the Community Centre and I suggest that some of the team visits the site to start clearing the area while others prepare the ground at the Village Green for new shrubs.







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