Dog Mess In Wenvoe

Dog Mess In Wenvoe

A few months ago we bought a puppy so that we would have to get out and walk more regularly in the village. We bought disposable small bags, so as not to leave our new pets’ mess for other people to have to pick up, step in or look at. They are very cheap and readily available.

I do not know the cost to our Council to have to clean up after a minority of uncaring, selfish pet owners but am sure this money could be better spent elsewhere in our village. Recently I saw a notice in the local park stating that unless owners cleaned up after their dogs, a ban could be put in place stopping dog exercise in this area.

I must admit that I am disgusted by the amount of filth so called ‘animal lovers’ are prepared to leave in parks, on roadsides, paths and verges, It makes me feel ashamed to be associated with people, most of whom must be local and appear not to care about other people and/or their children. On several occasions I have stepped into dog mess myself. It’s disgusting!

I am sure many can complain about times they have had this unpleasant experience. I am not surprised if parents are angry and do not like dogs or their owners, when their children get covered in dog mess. There are numerous bins around the village, where bags can be left if you do not want to carry them home. The bags cost very little. I see most dog owners on walks carrying these and they share the same complaint as me.

So who are these people who don’t care about others, their children and the local environment? To that minority I say, ‘Clean up after your pet, it is wrong to leave filth around our village.’ Don’t you want anywhere left that is green and pleasant to walk your dog?’

Keep Wenvoe Clean; Bag it and Bin it!

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