Tips for December

The Village Gardener Tips for December

Victoria of the Walled Garden. Tips for December.

  1. Secure your climbers to walls and supports.
  2. Tie up conifers to stop them spreading in high winds or snow.
  3. Prune apple trees by cutting out crossed branches and thinning out the middle.
  4. Stay off the soil in wet conditions to avoid compaction.
  5. Keep watering to a minimum in the greenhouse, especially the pelargoniums.


Pete Ferris. Gardening on a wet day.

  1. Check on the wine you made in the autumn.
  2. Sample the wine
  3. Share your spoils with friends
  4. Realise you are not supposed to meet up, pity.
  5. Enjoy spoils and wine by oneself.


What a year it has been, with all that’s gone on in the world, the garden has been a refuge from bad news. People who work on the land, whether farmers or gardeners, always knew the benefits of working with plants and the soil. Joining local walkers or the Wildlife Group with all their activities, will get you closer to nature and improve wellbeing. If you want to join one of these groups, the numbers are in the front of this magazine. We are all looking forward to a better time in 2021 when hopefully groups can start to meet again. I will be looking forward to the Wenvoe Open Garden event and an Autumn show.

Even at this time of year the green house is quite full, with plants that need protecting against wind or frost. If you can, put the plants outside on a mild day and give it a thorough clean. This will help keep the plants free of disease.

There is one thing assured this year and that is the amount of cardboard that we will need to deal with coming up to Christmas. It can be used a lot around the garden in a variety of ways. The compost bin will benefit from cardboard as it adds carbon and will help when you have lots of grass clippings to break down. It is brilliant for putting on ground that you need to clear, as by the time it rots down the weeds will have died. Putting cardboard down where you need a path, then covering with bark also stops weeds.

At the start of November quite a few new people started work on their allotments. Under the watchful eye of councillor Colin, they were getting stuck into the tasks at hand. These days we must be careful of thieves who see the allotments as a chance to pilfer. So, take note from some of the other allotment holders and don’t leave any tools on site. There is one thing the new starters will never be short of and that’s advice from the other plot holders.

Thanks for all your comments throughout the year. None of us are ever too old to learn, unless you go by the name of Gordon Jones who can give sound advice on everything. Special thanks to Joyce Hoy for being able to name any plant I show her.

Take care and have a lovely Christmas and a great new year.