Gathering in the Gloom

Barry Island Station  First Carers Walk

A small group gathered in the gloom outside Barry Island station for the first Carers walk since lockdown in March. Before starting the walk, the new procedures, particularly with regard to maintaining a social distance of 2m, outlined in guidance from the Welsh Government were shared, and a new walker was welcomed.

The group set off towards Jackson’s Bay as storm clouds gathered and the rain started to fall heavily. Enthusiasm for the walk was not dampened, however! For one walker, it was his first social outing since the lockdown was announced. He had spent the past months shielding with his medically vulnerable wife, who had been advised, like other vulnerable people to stay indoors. Needless to say, he was unaware of the rain and welcomed the chance to chat, socialise and exercise.
Trish’s husband rang halfway through the walk to see if she wanted to be rescued from the rain! She declined the offer, and finished the walk soaked through like everyone else! As a group we decided we were too wet to sit in any cafe, who we were sure would be unlikely to welcome saturated walkers spreading water everywhere!
I can’t promise what the weather will do next month but I can promise good company, a chance to chat and a relaxing stroll…..and hopefully a coffee! Come and join us!