Your Jobs For September


Your Jobs For September

Environment team tips.

  1. Make sure your stored produce is mouse proof.
  2. Clean out the bird feeders.
  3. Leave the ivy if it’s not bothering you as the birds will love the berries over winter.
  4. Save seed, don’t get caught out next year.
  5. Clear the windowsills ready for pelargonium cuttings.

Pauline Harringtons tips

  1. Neat and tidy will make things easier for you.
  2. Try not to grow as many dandelions as last year
  3. Look after your nails, never go in the garden without gloves.
  4. Grow veg among your flowers to add interest.
  5. If you get fed up with a plant, just throw it out. You will feel better.

September is another busy month in the garden. With shorter days on the horizon, a bit of time management will be needed to complete all the jobs. Making a list is a proven way of getting things done. Start by sowing some sweet peas in a cold frame. Keep them cool so they don’t get leggy and only cover if there’s a chance of frost. These can then be planted out in the spring. Plant any perennials that you grew from seed earlier in the summer. With the soil still warm and moist the plants will soon establish and be ready for next year. Shrubs would also benefit from being planted now. Divide established perennials and use these to fill in any spaces around the garden.

This month is a good time to sow a new lawn or make good some bare patches. Like most jobs, working on the lawn is all about the preparation. Groundsmen always use new seed as germination decreases the older it is. Plus the birds will want their share. The autumn always produces a lot of garden waste which, with a bit of work, will make good compost. We will still have to purchase compost, unless you have a huge operation going on. It is so easy to pick up a couple of bags when you visit diy stores and garden centres. When you consider that the plants come in plastic along with the compost and some fertilizers it is not very eco friendly. Stores and gardeners want convenience, but what would be so hard in taking your own bag for compost and returning those plastic pots, as most stores will take returns. If we all returned plastic pots you can be sure they would find a better solution to plastic.

A must do job over the autumn / winter months is keeping the drains and soakaways clear of leaves and debris. The callout fee alone from a drain cleaning company should be enough for us to do this task regularly. Some fine wire mesh over the drain will make this task less of a chore.

One of the standout plants around the village is in Joyce’s front garden on Grange avenue. The plant is Dierama Pulcherrimum or Angel’s fishing rod. It is a majestic plant well worth a snoop. Growing this plant from seed can take years but they really are worth waiting for.

There has been a change at the Walled garden where Victoria has taken up the position of gardener in residence. Victoria will have exacting standards to uphold at one of the best kept secluded gardens in the vale. Mr & Mrs Crump and Mr & Mrs Williams of Rectory close have again excelled this year. With a scarcity of materials they have produced two great gardens again. Hats off to Angela, Janet and Mr & Mrs French of Larchwood, who have shown what a love of gardening can produce. Of course, I can’t mention Larchwood without referring to Ray Darlington’s lovely garden and a lawn you could play snooker on – but he wouldn’t let you.

Take care and happy gardening.