While Things Are Quiet At The Church


St. Mary’s remains closed at present, except for private prayers on Tuesday afternoons between 4.00 and 6.00pm, and this has been used by parishioners who find things difficult as the COVID19 continues to affect their normal lives. We now hear talk of something called “new normal”, and how this will be the pattern for some time ahead until the virus is really under control.

So while things may be quiet at the church, and it is August, a time when traditionally church activities, are also taking a holiday, there is much going on in the wider church of which we are all members. Llandaff cathedral has opened for two Eucharist Services on Sunday mornings. Places have to be booked, and there is a “Track and Trace” system in place, so take a pen with you. Places are limited in number and if the church is filled to its allotted numbers you may be turned away. This is the reason why we have not followed their example and decided to remain closed for the present. The cleaning regime before and after the church is open is quite onerous, and we felt it was simply asking too much of our elderly volunteers to carry out such additional work.

The commemorations for the VJ75 anniversary on 15th August was not marked in Wenvoe, and the Cathedral hosted the Wales National Service under the strict guidelines of the Welsh Govt. it was a memorable and thoughtful service aired on Facebook. The UK National ceremonies were held at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, again with the strict 2 metre guidelines in place, and was a fitting celebration of all the lives lost and lives altered for ever.

The National Memorial Arboretum


The evening music and light show broadcast live from the Horse Guards Parade in London was a brilliant spectacle, and a fitting tribute to the “Forgotten Army” that the Burma campaign has been called. The treatment the Japanese army gave to the allied soldiers was horrific and was not glossed over, and we will and we must never forget the lives lost in the campaign, which only ended with the dropping of the two Atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This year when we gather at our village war memorial, the anniversaries of WWl, WWll , VE75 and VJ75 will be remembered on November 8th.(Remembrance Sunday)

At the moment there is doubt in church circles that the collection plates will ever be used during church services when we are in the “New Normal” phase. And to that end parishioners have been encouraged to switch to the Direct Giving Scheme sponsored by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales for each parish. The payment is taken from your bank account and is credited to your local church account with any gift aid contribution added if you are a taxpayer. The congregation in Wenvoe have taken this to heart and many have signed up and that is helping to keep us financially sound at the present time. Parishioners and friends of St Mary’s who have not signed up, are asked to consider doing so.

The benefits are, no white envelopes to use (they are costly to purchase), no need to count and bank the cash given and your contribution to church finances are always there in the church accounts, until the time comes when you may wish to revise the payment or stop it. PLEASE GIVE SOME THOUGHT TO THIS…We remain very grateful to the many donations we have received during the pandemic, and the church officers thank you all for keeping the church available for the better times ahead.

We are aiming to celebrate the harvest with a special service towards the end of September, so watch this space and the church noticeboard for more details when these, and the risk assessment have been worked out.

God Bless us all and of course KEEP WASHING THOSE HANDS

Parry Edwards