Passing Time In Lock Down


Although we are all trying to return to some form of normal life there are those of us whom still seem to have plenty of time to fill at home with time to read books, watch films, or listen to audio tapes etc.

Over the last six months, with so many free hours, we must have come across some titles, authors etc we may never have thought of watching, reading or listening to. Did your family even discover new games to play?

Why not share your finds with others with a brief description, (no need to leave your name.) Using Netflix, Amazon, Catch Up, Kindle, eBooks, Audible, etc others should be able to locate the recommended items to enjoy themselves.


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – This is a book I wouldn’t have attempted to read, but Audiobooks made it much more appealing. as I could listen while doing jobs around the house.

The story is set in Cephalonia at the beginning of World War 2. Dr. Yaniss lives with his daughter in a small village, life goes on as normal. Until one day, Corelli leader of the Italian invasion force is billeted with the Dr and his daughter. Corelli falls in love with his daughter, who is engaged to the resistance leader Mandras. Their love grows and dreams are lost, when the Italians surrender to the Allies.

Elephant Moon is another Audiobook I enjoyed..

Based on a true story set in Burma in the World War II. The story is of a class of orphans trying to escape from Burma before the Japanese invade. Lots of twists and turns in this story, which is is a tale of great courage

The Pants of Perspective. A travel tale. Anna McNuff ran the New Zealand 3000 kilometre Te Araroa trail which stretches from the furthest point south to the northern tip of north island. A witty, colourful and at times painfully raw account.


Waking Ned – Based in a small Irish village two friends discover their friend has died of the shock of finding out he has won the lottery. How do you convince the claims inspector that the village could claim the prize. Enjoyable comedy.

The Green Book – The true story of an Italian- American bouncer who becomes the chauffeur for a world-class black piano player. In 1962 they tour the deep south during the racial charged period. A moving story.