Recycling Bag Suggestions

Recycling Bag Suggestions

After a recent very windy rubbish/recycling collection day, I have been reflecting on the small changes we could all make to help improve our great village.

I am lucky that a kind neighbour will bring my recycling bins and bags to my front door, and tuck them safely away, if I am not at home. I appreciate that some people are out at work all day and cannot take their receptacles in promptly; I also appreciate that when it is very windy these things quickly blow away once they have been emptied. After this recent windy Friday I found myself in possession of an extra blue bag and an extra orange bag – 6 days later they still hadn’t been claimed (I, for one, couldn’t afford to lose these too often – they do cost money to replace!). If they’d only had a house number written on them I would happily have returned them to their rightful home. Please folks – take 5 minutes to label your bins and bags, and there’s a chance we wouldn’t end up with so many strewn around certain streets on a regular basis.

On a similar note, perhaps I could suggest that at the same time people take another 5 minutes to look up the current recycling guidelines and refresh their memory. I came outside on that same day to see my front lawn strewn with rubbish that filled half a black bag when collected. This was clearly the contents of someone’s plastic recycling bag – but amongst this waste was black plastic (not suitable for plastic recycling) and dirty food containers (which should be rinsed out and clean before being put in recycling). Cleaning up someone else’s dirty food containers, particularly in the current climate of this health pandemic, is not how I would choose to spend part of my Friday afternoon.


Let’s keep our lovely little village looking it’s best!

Burdons Close