Reflections on Wenvoe – A Caring Village


The current situation we find ourselves in has allowed time for reflection.

I am thankful for:- My family, albeit that I can only see the grandchildren and other relatives via facetime

My health; neither my family nor I having suffered COVID19;

My job offering me security and allowing me to work from home and not risk bringing infection home.

I wonder just how many times in conversation I have uttered the phrase ‘well, in the grand scheme of things’, when considering some minor mishap or inconvenience.

Then I got to thinking about the wider picture, and this is when I came to the conclusion that I am very fortunate to be living in Wenvoe. Having lived here for over thirty years, you tend to take things a little for granted. Looking back over the years, I have been involved with and in so many organisations:

Toddler Group, Playgroup, PTA, Beavers, Wenvoe Junior Football, Judo, Dance Classes, Keep fit, Cubs, Badminton, Scouts, Village Hall, Pilates, Tuesday Group, Wenvoe Library, Gwenfo School, Wenvoe Youth Club, Wenvoe Arms, St Mary’s Church, Wenvoe Choir, Wenvoe What’s On, Wenvoe Reuse and Recycle.

Then there’s the attendance at various fetes, fayres, coffee mornings, charity evenings, lectures, art and craft demonstrations and meetings. What a wonderful experience I have had. I would like to thank all of those people who have helped in making all of the above possible at any time.

Then we move to current times, and I find myself continuously amazed by how the people of Wenvoe have reacted to the situation we all have found ourselves in. Some people put up information boards in their gardens. Others provided their contact details to villagers, offering someone to talk to and assistance with chores. Cheering messages appeared on signs, changing on a weekly basis. The Easter Bunny walked the streets, waving at everyone and making them smile.

VE Day celebrations went ahead in a socially distanced manner, with several residents going above and beyond for the benefit of the rest of the village.

Footprints were painted outside the shop, including doggy prints, so everyone was reminded to keep their distance.

The Village Shop remained open, providing a much needed and appreciated service, and with a welcoming smile too. Local suppliers provided delivery/collection services.

People are conscientiously adhering to social distancing rules, stepping to one side or crossing into the road to ensure the 2 metre rule is observed. So many people participated in the Thursday Clap for

Carers. It was wonderful to see everyone out, clapping and waving to their neighbours. Some also took the opportunity for a socially distanced gossip.

Local tradesman have been available to assist with minor emergencies. Carers, delivery drivers, postmen, refuse collectors and others, too many to mention, have been thanked and offered gifts in recognition of their work. The What’s On has kept us up to date with current events.

Everyone is willing to offer advice and help on most subjects you can think of, and point you in the right direction. Villagers are happy to chat as you take your daily exercise. Everyone has been so friendly.

And for all of this I would like to say thank you to you all. I am, indeed, very fortunate to live in such a caring village. I’m not sure how much longer things will continue as they are, or when restrictions will be lifted, but I only hope I remember this feeling.


Again, thanks to you all.