“Invisible Invader “



All world countries are facing a tyranny,

A virus came without word.

With many dear souls dying,

An illness, new, unheard.

We don’t know how it travels,

Its shape or how it moves,

Well people only yesterday

Was living life with dues.

The following day are taken ill

An ambulance is called,

So suddenly become very sick

As family watch appalled.

A desperate journey quick and safe,

Driven with such flair,

They soon arrive at hospital wards

And taken through with care.

A building filled with dedicated staff

Their profession shines so bright,

They do their best to save the lives,

And work all day and night.

All our services are prepared, when called into this fight.

Our fire, police and deliverers

All professional, on duty, do things right.

The kindness spreading through the land

From strangers who all feel,

Are trying hard to ease the grief,

When hearing of loved one’s ordeals.

The scientists are searching to find a cure while

Governments are laying rules to keep us all indoor

Allowed out for shopping, a distance must be met,

Two metres between each person, a safety practice kept.

The younger generation call

With invasion fear – never known before

Are reassured by our Seniors

With their history …TWICE ENDURED!

This silent invader will do its best to spread

But Nation, stand firm! Obey the rules!

Soon this tyrant will be DEAD!!!

Maureen Richards