Thicker Than Water

BethanBookWenvoe resident, Bethan Darwin, has a new novel out. This is Bethan’s third novel, and came out on 18 August 2016.

It is called Thicker than Water and is set both in 1926 and present day. The 1926 story is about Idris, a miner from the Rhondda who is disillusioned by the collapse of the General Strike and decides to emigrate to Ontario, Canada. Just before he leaves, his sister in law Maggie has a favour to ask of him.

The present day story is about corporate lawyer Gareth, who lives in Penarth and has a pretty good life – his own law firm, a high flying wife who is also a corporate lawyer, and four children. But then he gets instructed to do some legal work for Canadian clothing company Perfect which is considering opening for business in Wales and things start to change for Gareth.

Bethan has lived in Clos Llanfair, Wenvoe for ten years. Her husband David Thompson grew up in the village. Their children Caleb 17 and Megan 11 attend Bro Morgannwg school in Barry

Bethan and David are both solicitors, and work together in a small firm in Cardiff. Bethan also writes a column every fortnight for the business section of the Western Mail and regularly reviews the newspapers for various programmes on BBC Radio Wales.

She says “It’s a bit of a juggle writing novels round a full time job and a family. I often joke that as a result I’ve got a big bum and a dirty house!”

You can find Thicker than Water and Bethan’s other novels in libraries or online. If you prefer to buy books in a bookstore, they will be able to order them for you if they don’t have them in stock. Bethan warns that there is some plot related sex in her books, but also plenty of history and gardening.

She will be discussing Thicker than Water with Jamie Owen on his radio show on Sunday 28 August from 11am.