Lent and Holy Week


The season of Lent came to a glorious conclusion on Easter Sunday, when the church was beautifully decorated with Easter Lilies provided by members of the congregation, given in memory of loved ones who have passed on to a greater life in the Lord. This year the celebration of Easter, considered to be the Queen of Festivals in the church calendar, fell on Sunday 21st April one of the latest dates that Easter can be. The next time Easter falls on such a late date as this will be in 2030. The reason why Easter is a moveable feast is due to the phase of the moon. Western Christianity decided that the feast always falls on the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, so Easter follows the Jewish tradition of the Passover, and the Bible tells us that the death and resurrection of Jesus took place at the time of the Passover festivities.

During Lent on Mothering Sunday, the “Pebbles” children gave a splendid slide presentation, on how they love their Mums for all the care they give them day by day as they grow up. The church was decorated with the daffodils grown from the flower bulbs handed out at harvest time last year, and flowers were handed out to all the ladies in the congregation as they left church. The following Sunday the “Pebbles” held a pre-Easter Egg Hunt, and the winners proudly displayed their prizes of yet more larger chocolate eggs. Thanks must go to Alyson and her helpers for the way in which they work out how best to convey the Gospel message in a practical way the children can easily understand.

Holy Week 2019 – The procession into church on the morning of Palm Sunday, of the congregation bearing their palm crosses was a memorable start to the solemnities of Holy Week. Jon had devised a special service sheet for the occasion and Helen Ormrod gave a suitable reading to mark the beginning of the last week in the life of Jesus as he made his way into Jerusalem, to be falsely accused of treason and eventual crucifixion.

The saga of the lead stolen from the church vestry roof is near resolution with quotes received for our Insurers already in and it is hoped that the replacement of the roof covering and the repair to the internal damage to the walls and the flooring will take place without much further delay. Not being able to use the Vestry has been a great inconvenience, with registers and all the other things needed for the services scattered about the church, but soon all will be put right.

Christian Aid Week 2019 – In advance of the house to house collections, Jude Billingham gave a presentation in church on April 28th on the theme chosen for this year’s collection, which is “More Happy Birthdays”. Christian Aid this year is working with women’s groups, listening to their concerns in many parts of Africa. Through working in communities, women are able to identify their own needs and make steps to gain their goals.

In this way developments can be sustained and developed further when necessary. The example shown was a group of women who were building their own medical centre, where they could receive good antenatal care and when necessary give birth there.

Collectors will be delivering envelopes through your doors during the week and collected back at the end of the week. Please give as generously as you are able to support women in parts of Africa and elsewhere who are not as well looked after as in the UK.

In Gwenfo Church in Wales School, pupils will be having a “Big Brekkie” on Friday 17th May for those children who have school lunches. A non-uniform day is also being arranged so on Friday the charge of £1 will be going to Christian Aid.

The Annual Church Vestry Meeting took place after an evening Eucharist service on Monday 15th April, when the parish report was accepted, as was the financial report and the election of Peoples Warden took place. Carol Wyllie remains as Rectors Warden and Sandra Dicks was also elected as Peoples Warden. The past year has been one of progress with much of the work to the fabric of the building being completed as required by the most recent Quinquenial Inspection of the building.

Messy Church met in the Wenvoe Community Centre on Saturday 30th March to celebrate Motherly Love. Around fifty people attended with children and parents enjoying a variety of craft activities which were either gifts for Mum or helped develop a greater understanding of how much our mothers love us. Crafts included decorating gingerbread mums (one for mum and one for me), making cards and gifts, writing promises to help our mums and planting plants to give the following day. A short worship session followed with a tea party to end the session which was much enjoyed by everyone.

The next Messy Church will be an outdoor messy event, in the school field at Gwenfo church in Wales Primary School on Saturday 15th June when the theme will be Father’s Day. See you there.