Wildflower Beds and Orchard Maintenance


Year 1s from Gwenfo CW Primary School joined us to spread the wildflower seed on our bed in Grange Park. You can see their personalised labels in the ground on their chosen patches. We were lucky with the weather which meant that for the first time they could choose an area anywhere on the bed rather than having to stick to the perimeter. We are using a different brand of seed mix this year so it will be interesting to compare results. It is not an ideal site as it is shaded by the pines and Horse Chestnuts which are still growing but we have spent many hours preparing the site so, fingers crossed!

Penarth and Sully Scouts spent a couple of hours up at the Goldsland Orchard and worked very hard. They cleared rocks and stones from the ground and then scattered a wildflower meadow mix under the trees. They also cut back the branches of over-hanging trees and created log and brush piles. They saw plenty of wildlife including a frog, Bluebells, Wood Anemones, Yellow Archangel and plenty of lichens. Robert Reader has installed a fence around the orchard to keep the inquisitive cows at bay and we have erected some bug hotels on wooden posts. The warm weather over Easter certainly brought out the solitary bees in numbers so it should not be long before the new hotels are in use.

We continue to have thefts from the Community Orchard on the Playing Fields – this time a newly-planted Victoria Plum. The Police have been notified and any relevant images from the wildlife cameras will be forwarded.