Llanharan Winter Walk


What a contrast to the Craig yr Allt walk, it had snowed and the sun was shining so visibility was great but it was very cold. We voted to go to Llanharan and walk in the snow to the wind turbines. Parking in the station car park, we climbed a short way along a road and were soon crunching over icy snow which had partially melted and frozen again overnight.

Paths had to be carefully negotiated in places as puddles had become icy stretches. Our route took us across to Llantrisant Forest. Climbing we could see the wind turbines against the clear blue sky ahead. Flocks of sheep were scratching for grass below the snow.

As we walked through the woodland we were surrounded by ‘Christmas’ trees blanketed in snow. Sunlight shone between the rows of trees.

In the valley we spotted a single turbine with a green stem and yellow fins, like a daffodil. We stopped for lunch on the edge of woodland beside a small stream with some ice. As we got close to the wind turbines many parallel lines of power cables stretching from pylon to pylon covered the landscape. In front of the wind turbines the snow lay in deep drifts at the side of the path.

Walking back towards Brynna woods, England was clearly visible across a sparkling English Channel. Once again the snow lay in deep drifts alongside the path and walls were patterned by windblown snow. Reaching a road we met a horse rider who commented that she was cold. It was a lot colder on the top! We returned to Llanharan via Brynna woods and Llanharan Marsh – a Community Nature Reserve.

The walk was refreshing and uplifting after so many gloomy winter days. Distance covered 8 miles with 1100ft ascent