The Christmas season is almost upon us and the shops are filling with colourful decorations and enticing gifts, (as well as some rather annoyingly repetitive music!!) As wonderful as this time of year can be, the extra work for family, preparing meals, and present-buying, can all cause extra stress. It is important to take time out for ourselves to unwind. Regular exercise and relaxation practices can really help to ground you, put things in perspective and allow you to further enjoy the festive season. Looking after yourself can help you to look after others.

As the weather cools down, and the days shorten, outdoor exercises are somehow far less appealing. It is tempting to hide ourselves beneath jumpers and jackets and not bother to exercise, but the cold weather is no excuse to stop caring for our bodies.

Cold weather can worsen stiff joints and chronic aches and pains, so having a routine of gentle exercise and stretching can really help. Maintaining an exercise routine can also elevate your mood and so is the perfect antidote to chase away the winter blues that can creep in during the dark and cold winter months.

With over twenty years of teaching experience, Julia Wylie is bringing her own blend of “Stretch and Relax” classes to the Wenvoe Community Centre. Starting December 5th. Come along on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am for just over an hour of gentle stretches and guided relaxation. Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, these classes are suitable for all levels including total beginners.

“Stretch and Relax” classes for December will be on December 5th, 12th and 19th. There will be no classes December 26th or January 2nd, and classes will resume in the New Year on January 9th.

There is no need to book; just come along. Bring an exercise mat or yoga mat if you have one, and some water to drink. (I have a few spare mats that I can lend people.)

Wishing you a very happy and stress-free holiday season!