We have had a number of complaints in relation to bogus charity collectors cold calling at resident’s homes in The Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff.

In some cases, fraudsters have used the name, logo and charity registration number of a genuine charity to appeal for donations and keep the profits.

If you are cold called by a charity collector, you have several choices, but always err on the side of caution. A polite ‘no thank you’ should do, or you could choose not to answer the door, or put up a ‘No cold callers’ sign.

If you do speak to a doorstep charity collector, ask to see their official badge and permit – but don’t commit to anything. Once again, check with the official charity itself, either online or over the phone, to see if they are making house calls in your area.

If you are concerned about whether a collection is genuine you can:

  • try to contact the charity to check that the collection is legitimate
  • see if the leaflet only gives mobile numbers or none at all, as this could be a sign that they are not collecting on behalf of a legitimate charity
  • give your donations directly to your local charity shop or any official clothing points
  • get your friends and neighbours involved, and contact your Neighbourhood Watch


If you have any concerns in relation to this, or wish to report a crime or anti-social behaviour contact the Police on 101.