Library Update

Users of the Library will be aware that our volunteers are now attending the Library alongside the Vale librarian for most of its opening times. This is to maintain their skills following training a couple of months ago and familiarise themselves with procedures and you, the borrowers. The opening hours remain as always, though the Vale have been unable to provide staff on at at least one occasion so the library has been open slightly less than normal. As a reminder these times are:
Tuesday 1000-1300
Wednesday 1000-1200 and 1500-1700
Saturday 0900-1300

We still need more volunteers, particularly for Saturday mornings. To make the Saturday shift more attractive for volunteers we are going to make it two two-hour slots (9-11 and 11-1), If you are interested talk to the librarian and complete and application form.

At the time of writing there still isn't an agreed date for the Handover. This is also the case in the other libraries similarly affected in the Vale but things are moving, albeit slowly.
Please support the Book Sale on 3rd September in the Community Centre!

Alex McDonald