Have you ever been to a show and thought “mine are as good as that”? Well why not try your hand at entering our Village Show? The maximum number of entries per person in any ONE category is two. Previously entered items are acceptable if they previously failed to win a prize. You will find further details in the Library. Look out for more information on the Village Show in the August ‘What’s On’.


Fruit & Vegetable – best examples of:

1. Apples – 3 cookers

2. Apples – 3 eaters

3. Tomatoes (standard size)- 3 same type

4. Tomatoes (cherry) – 3 same type

5. 5. Beetroot – three

6. Carrots – three

7. Onions – three

8. Potatoes – three

9. Runner bean – three

10. Chillies – three

11. Any other vegetable – One (unless smaller than a medium sized onion then 3 items should be submitted for judging)


Vegetables – whoppers

12. Runner bean – longest

13. Cucumber – longest

14. Marrow – biggest

15. Onion – largest

16. Potato – largest

17. Misshapen vegetable – funniest shape- a caption must also be provided.



18. 4 Scones

19. 6 Welsh cakes

20. Fruit Cake (own recipe)

21. Quiche – own choice

22. Victoria jam sponge

23. Lemon Drizzle Cake

24. Bread (Handmade

25. Bread (Machine made)

26. Fruit Jam/jelly

27. Marmalade

28. Chutney (any type)

29. Eggs (home produced) – 3 matched

30. Homemade soft drink.

31. Homemade alcoholic drink



32. Tied bunch of flowers from your garden

33. Handwriting (adult) 50 words from a novel

34. Fabric/needlecraft

35. Wool. e.g. Knitting, crochet, felted etc.

36. Painting/Drawing

37. Papercraft

38. A wooden craft item.

39. Any other craft item.


Photography – unmounted and no larger than 7” x 5”. Do not write on reverse side please.

40. Local scenes

41. A two legged friend

42. The sea

43. The colour red


Children’s Section – all items MUST be produced by the child. Age categories are under 7 & 8-13,

44. Home baked – favourite cake.

45. Home baked – favourite biscuits.

46. Drawing or painting of an animal.

47. Handwriting – an extract from my favourite storybook (about 25 words).

48. Craft – mixed media

49. Photographs – "My best picture taken in the last year". (The child must have taken the picture.)

50. Pre-school child – Piece of art or craft.



51. The limerick – first line must be: ‘the last time I got on a bus 


Entry for the Wenvoe Village Show is limited to residents of the Wenvoe Community (Wenvoe, Twyn-y-Odyn, St Lythans, Dyffryn) and children who attend the village school. Anyone who has regular connections with a village organisation but resides outside the community boundary and would like to submit an entry should contact the organisers.

If you have any thoughts, ideas and suggestions about this year’s event or would like to help out organising the Show, do not hesitate to contact us at the library.